Lexus: The new LM model brings next generation MPV luxury

Lexus launches the second generation of the LM model, its flagship Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) which has been popular among those in the luxury segment

First launched in 2020, the Lexus LM was an answer to customer demand for chauffeur-driven MPVs in China and other parts of Asia. The first-generation Lexus LM offers 4-seat and 7-seat configurations and became a popular model among a wide range of customers seeking extra comfort.

“The inspiration for the development of the new Lexus LM was the increasingly diverse lifestyles of customers
in the luxury segment,” says Lexus International’s new LM chief engineer, Takami Yokoo.

“This is where the development concept was born: creating a mobile space where customers can be their true selves. Our goal was to provide an environment that would allow busy individuals to relax in mind and body, free from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives―a space to inspire positive thought and action.”

Improved interior space and functionality were the core of the design and engineering team’s objective. The front cabin design is a combination of practicality and refinement. The rear suite has meticulously crafted seats and a variety of features and technology for passengers to make the most out of their travel time. Implemented in the overall luxury consideration is the analysis of passenger body movements with special attention being paid to head movement and stable line sight. Front seat surface pressure distribution is to hold the body to the most optimal degree, regardless of the amount of G-force exerted during turning.

Furthermore, central to the design of the new LM is the key concept of “Dignified Elegance” in order to make it stand out as a flagship Lexus MVP. It combines a unique and elegant curbside presence with a spacious and comfortable interior.

The design team also elevated the new LM’s noise control in which it analyses the frequency bandwidth and the sources of different noises during its journeys. Whether it is sonic glass, noise absorption, noise insulation, or vibration reduction, the redesigned hood insulation is created is such to minimise noise inside the compartment – therefore creating a natural and quiet environment for passengers.

Naturally, the exterior design of the new LM model continues with its aerodynamic aesthetics and elegant presentation. However, this next-generation production goes beyond having a pretty face.

With the newly designed GA-K platform, the new LM model increased its body torsional rigidity by approximately 1.5 times which comes with weight reduction that helps in reducing fatigue-inducing vibrations. The strengthening of the vehicle fundamentals upgrades the chauffeur-driven experience to a new level.

The all-new LM becomes a strategic model for Lexus internationally with an expanded sales network of over 60 regions in Japan and Europe. For more information, check out their website.

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