Tod’s Generations: Encapsulating Italian family values

Tod’s and Chiara Ferragni have collaborated on a project in celebration of ethical and aesthetic values they both cherish – the sense of family and empathy

Chiara Ferragni (second left) poses with her family. Photo: Tod’s

Chiara Ferragni and her family, mother Marina and sisters Valentina and Francesca, join together in “Tod’s Generations”. This campaign aims to highlight shared values of ethics, family and aesthetics – in which this family of power women encapsulate wholly in the context of the Italian lifestyle.

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Ferragni is a well-known Italian blogger, fashion designer, model and businesswoman, who earned her accolade on the Forbes “Top Fashion Influencers” list in 2017.

Photo: Tod’s

Through a story that documents private moments, activities, and meetings in the day-to-day life of two generations of women, Tod’s Generations expresses the brand’s roots embedded in Italy’s culture and heritage, with an emphasis on family values.

The “Gommino” (Tod’s famous soft driving shoe characterised by the rubber pebble studs along the sole and heel) becomes the theme of the story. It represents the element inseparably linked to the life of the characters, handed down from generation to generation.

“The Gommino is one of the icons of Italian taste, I remember it from my childhood and I like the idea that it is a timeless classic to be handed down from generation to generation”, said Ferragni.

Photo: Tod’s

The shoot was set in a typical Italian villa on Lake Como where Chiara Ferragni and her family interact with objects that transcend fashion and age, such as the timeless yet contemporary Gommino and Tod’s bag with Gommino details.

In addition, Ferragni together with the Italian brand is making a donation to Bambini delle Fate, a non-profit organisation that supports education for families with autistic children and other disabilities.

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