The metaverse wears Prada

Prada launches their Timecapsule NFT collection and “Prada Crypted” community in its further expansion into the creative Web3 spaces that is the metaverse

Prada Timecapsule NFT. Photo: Prada

The brand announced a new Timecapsule NFT Collection, which is linked to both a gender-neutral physical product and a gifted NFT.

It also marked the launch of “Prada Crypted” the brand’s new community server on Discord, which is open to everyone who wants to join. A unique shirt designed in collaboration with artist Cassius Hirst, son of Damien Hirst, is on sale in their latest Timecapsule drop.

This first solo NFT drop follows Prada’s successful first venture into NFTs in collaboration with Adidas Originals. June also marks the launch of “Prada Crypted” the brand’s new community server on Discord, which is open to everyone who wants to join.

The Timecapsule is a monthly online event: for 24 hours, on the first Thursday of every month, an exclusive item is made available on in very limited quantities, in selected markets.

Each limited-edition Timecapsule item is associated with a unique serial number and is delivered with custom packaging.

The event started on June 2nd. Timecapsule customers will have the opportunity to become the first owners of Prada NFTs by purchasing a Timecapsule product which also sees NFTs gifted in a second phase for those who bought the Timecapsule, dating back to the first launch in December 2019. As such, there is a synergy between the Prada Timecapsule and the scarcity and desirability of NFTs.

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This collaboration follows the success of Cass x Prada, Cassius’ interpretation of the iconic Prada America’s Cup sneaker, which was launched recently.

The Timecapsule shirt showcases Cassius Hirst’s signature mask and brain scan designs. Available in both black and white, this limited-edition item is made of the most iconic technical fabrics within the Linea Rossa highly-performance line.

The NFT includes the drop serial number and the numbering of each physical item in order to have an exact correspondence. NFT owners are then offered exclusive benefits and experiences as well as access to future drops.

Prada Timecapsule NFTs are issued on the Ethereum blockchain, offering a secure and user-friendly experience. The drop is facilitated by leveraging the Aura Blockchain Consortium’s NFT Solution and technology.

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