Dare to wear: SiiGii’s Latex Lilo Bathing Suit

Credit: SiiGii

Thought you’d seen it all when Harikrishnan released his inflatable trousers for pre-order at a whopping starting price of US$1,160? Well, Spanish designer SiiGii just designed a gigantic inflatable lilo suit, and yes, it’s meant for the beach. 

Can’t swim, or find balancing yourself on a pool float too much effort? Become an actual float with SiiGii’s inflatable suit. Made entirely from latex, the all-in-one wearable lilo features two inflatable areas behind the head and around the body. It even wraps around the head like a swimming cap, allowing its wearers to float on water without trying. It’s like lying on your bed but in the middle of the sea – a more sustainable alternative to an overnight cruise, perhaps? 

When you take a closer look, the black patch in the middle of the white suit is shaped like a traditional bathing suit, printed on both the front and the back. With SiiGii’s design you can be bloated and still rock a one-piece – no one can spot your food baby when you’re a balloon. It won’t give you an hour-glass figure, but you’ll definitely have that booty. 

Titled “Floating Above Limits”, the blow-up bathing suit is actually part of a part of SiiGii’s latest collection, S.A.D.: Sun Allergy Diaries. Inspired by the designer’s sun allergy, the whole collection bids to find creative ways to enjoy the summer without being exposed directly to sunlight, and documents the artist’s journey in embracing his rare condition. 

Credit: SiiGii

As its name suggests, there are no limits to where this inflatable bad boy can take you. So if you have a sun allergy (or if 2020 is making you feel like drifting slowly into the abyss), SiiGii’s suit is the perfect beachwear for you.

For more details on SiiGii’s “Floating Above Limits” or S.A.D. Collection, visit SiiGii’s official website here.

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