SEEUS95: A see-through, self-adhering N95 face mask

Video: SEEUS95

Face masks have gone from survival essentials to fashion statements, as evidenced by the prolific rise of fashion, luxury and high-tech masks. But while masks have been effective at protecting us from viruses like COVID-19 – along with social distancing and proper hygiene – they’ve also been effective at reducing our usual means of expression.

If you’re missing those everyday social interactions – whether it’s smiling at a stranger or the chance to show off your newest red lippie – check out the new SEEUS95 mask on Kickstarter.

An N95 mask reimagined in transparent form, the SEEUS95 mask is made from a non-BPA silicon that adheres to your skin without the need for annoying ear loops. Using a filter made of bamboo, silk, carbon and silver, the mask is reusable with replaceable air filters. Cleaning it is also a breeze – simply wipe it down with alcohol, pop it in the microwave for three minutes (without the filters) or stick it in the dishwasher.

Want to personalise it even further? The SEEUS95 mask can also be ‘tattooed’ with gold tribal patterns, making you into a real ‘Light Warrior’ – the working name for the masks according to Kickstarter.

The SEEUS95 mask is designed by Alice Min Soo Chun, a former professor of Architectural Design and Material Technology at Columbia University and Parsons the New School. Known for creating products that help solve world problems such as health, environment and the planet, the humanitarian inventor has been featured in Hilary Clinton’s book “The Book of Gutsy Women” next to Greta Thunberg and Jane Goodall.

While we love the idea of a transparent face mask, we’re not 100 percent how breathable the SEEUS95 mask really is, considering the slight condensation we see in the product video above. The shape of the SEEUS95 face mask also doesn’t look the most flattering, although some users have commented that they felt like a “superhero” wearing them.

In any case, the SEEUS95 mask has already racked up over US$257,000 in pledges with 14 days left to go. Check it out on Kickstarter for more info or on their website,

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