Prevent ‘maskne’ with these essential beauty products

With our attention to personal hygiene on high alert thanks to COVID-19, wearing a face mask daily is a given. However, the unwelcome side effect of masking day-in and day-out is clogged pores, leading to all kinds of skin issues including acne, breakouts and maybe even rosacea.

If you’ve been suffering from ‘maskne’, the term used to describe this new phenomenon of skin issues related to wearing masks, here are some great beauty products to help soothe your skin:

Drunk Elephant: Beste No.9 Jelly Cleanser

Credit: Druck Elephant

Cleansing in the morning and night can help remove skin impurities, but we don’t necessarily want to strip the skin of moisture. Drunk Elephant’s signature jelly cleanser is a gentle formulation that helps remove all traces of makeup and excess oil from the day – keeping skin at an ideal, non-stripping pH level of 5.5.

Available at Sephora

Circumference: Active Botanical Refining Toner

Credit: Revolve

The advice on cleansers applies to toners too. Opt for toners with light ingredients that won’t aggravate your skin and pores, like the Active Botanical Refining Toner from Circumference. The base of lavender hydrosol and organic aloe leaf juice packed with layers of powerful antioxidant and omega-rich botanicals leaves skin hydrated and well-prepped to apply moisturiser and sunscreen.

Available on Revolve

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare: Hyaluronic Marine Oil-Free Moisture Cushion 

Credit: Dr. Dennis Gross

Always read the product labels of your beauty products and look out for petroleum, mineral oil, or silicones, as these ingredients are especially harmful to acne-prone and sensitive skin types. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare’s lightweight moisturiser fits Asian climates and sticky summer days. Enriched with vitamin B, Japanese algae and hyaluronic and amino acids, this gel-cream keeps skin feeling refreshed. It’s also free from parabens and sulfates.

Available on Net-a-Porter

This Works: Morning Expert Multi-Acid Pads

Credit: Net-a-Porter

If maskne persists, you can consider implementing acid pads to your daily skincare regime. Blended with anti-inflammatory liquorice root, the brand’s single-use exfoliating pads are enhanced with azelaic acid to effectively minimise breakouts and remove impurities, with the added ingredient of vitamin B3 to even out your skin tone from blemishes.  

Available on Net-a-Porter

ZitSticka: KILLA Spot Clarifying Patch Kit 

Credit: Net-a-Porter

If cystic acne strikes, these hydrocolloid patches are handy for keeping your hands off them. ZitSticka specialises in treating cystic spots in the early stages before they gradually turn into painful aggressors. This ‘KILLA’ kit contains eight cleansing wipes and patches with patented microdarts of salicylic acid to kill surface bacteria, while niacinamide and hyaluronic acid aid in unclogging pores.

Available on Net-a-Porter

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