#obsessed: Top picks from Dior, Otani Workshop, Bulgari, and more

This month, #legend is #obsessed with the latest from Dior, Otani Workshop, Bulgari, Serge Lutens, Louis Vuitton, and Rimowa

Night moves

Combining the best of skin science and the highest expertise in the Rose de Granville, the new Dior Prestige Le Baume de Minuit harnesses the power of Midnight Rosapeptide to provide a powerful effect on repairing the skin and regenerating it at night. Just like the skin, roses follow a nocturnal biological rhythm that enables them to delay the wilting of their petals. So, for the first time, Dior harvested flowers between midnight and the early hours of the morning, at the very moment when they release their potent nighttime molecules. As a result, the skin is visibly transformed, soothed and seems to recover better from daily stress factors.

Monster mash

Dreamed up by artistic director Kim Jones and the Japanese contemporary artist known for his work in sculpture and ceramics, Dior & Otani Workshop launches this month as an exclusive capsule. The joyful men’s collection is punctuated by Tanilla, a small green monster conceived by Otani Workshop and which appears on refined sweaters, short-sleeved T-shirts, bomber jackets and new tennis shoes the B33 High Top. The irresistible creature also comes to life on the Dior Oblique toile and on a stylised adaptation of the Dior logo, while the colour palette is dominated by red in a nod to Monsieur Dior, who called it “the colour of life”.

Chain reaction

Having spent the past 15 years working together to make the world a better place for children, including raising more than US$105 million through the sales of custom-made jewellery, Bulgari and Save the Children are renewing their collaboration with the launch of a new campaign and pendant necklace. #WithMeWithYou focuses on the connection between all those who are part of the chain created by the jewellery brand and leading NGO, while the new sterling silver necklace features a round pendant with edgy metallic studs inspired by the B.zero1 Rock line. €95 of the €800 retail price will be donated to Save the Children.

Strings attached

A Serge Lutens classic since 2014, L’orpheline is gracious, delicate and ethereal with principal notes of black pepper, dry woods and incense. “In the hands of Destiny – that cruel puppeteer – she is but a flailing ballerina. And yet, refusing to be just a toy, she tries to use her fairy-like fingers to guide her fate!” says the creator. To mark the fragrance’s 10th anniversary, the brand is issuing a limited edition with a packaging design that plays with appearances and introduces an element of doubt as the fragile and slender dancer is manipulated by the strings of her puppeteer – or is it the other way around?

In the mix

You can call it a comeback – the highly anticipated LV Remix builds on the most iconic interpretations of the Louis Vuitton Monogram, with a range of leather goods, shoes and accessories as well as a digital campaign starring Phoebe Dynevor, Lous & the Yakuza, Shay Mitchell and Nana Ouyang. The Monogram Vernis collection debuted in 2000 and the Monogram Denim first arrived in 2005. Today, coveted pieces from the past are joined by new shapes, animations and infusions of pop colour. Highlights include the Croissant from 2002, and the newly added Capucines East-West, Twist West and Twist Little.

Sea worthy

Inspired by the regenerative influence of the sea, Rimowa is launching a series of signature products in a new colourway of Sea Blue. The capsule collection – which includes the Essential Cabin, Essential Check-In L, Essential Trunk Plus, Toiletry Pouch, Packing Cube Small, Packing Cube Medium and Packing Cube Large – aims to capture the essence of the sea, complete with its serene energy and restorative virtues, in a saturated shade of blue that’s as vibrant as it is calming. The captivating colour is best displayed on the Essential collection’s gleaming grooved shell, as seen in a campaign shot at an iconic 1950s house outside Barcelona.

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