Hogan delivers untraditional NFT collection

The first luxury sneaker by Hogan was a shoe baptised as “Traditional” for its iconicity. Three decades later with the emergence of the metaverse, the rules of the old world changed and so does the Hogan Traditional

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In 1986, together with Hogan, a myth was born in the form of the first luxury sneaker, Traditional, that became a cult classic.

The shapes and materials of the brand’s first model are renewed in a new sneaker for a new generation – and for a new world: Hogan Untraditional. 

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This new classic that, thanks to the NFT technology, allows the iconic sneaker to cross the barrier of the physical world and become a unique digital object in the works of 5 digital artists, elevating the creative expression with a limited edition of 500 NFT. 

Unique and unreproducible artworks: this is the revolutionary scope of NFTs in the creative world. This revolution accompanies Hogan’s first project set in the metaverse with the “Hogan Untraditional NFT Collection”. It is dedicated to the new generations of visionaries and creatives who are changing the future.

The NFT project is curated by Braw Haus – the creative studio specialised in elevating global digital artists to bring their aesthetic and vision to shape culture in the metaverse. 

Artists include Silvio Rondelli, Yoann De Geetere, Linear, Vincent Ghiotti and Finn Berenbroek. The collection is described as happy, edgy and immersive, aligning with Hogan’s DNA traits, and it celebrates the “Untraditional”, re-edition of the brand’s first-ever sneaker. With this collaboration Hogan takes a stand from traditional to untraditional, from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 and enables an open collaborative space of creativity for the five artists. 

The NFTs artists series debut during the first Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland, and is available for sale to the public at exclusible.com

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