Top 10 Hong Kong musicians to watch in 2021

Cantopop is experiencing a revival and we’ve handpicked an array of independent talent that you’ll want to have on your playlists to show you’re in the know

Charmaine Fong


Having started her career in Taiwan 21 years ago, before returning to her native Hong Kong, Charmaine Fong is a veteran of the music and film industry. In 2016, she gained wider recognition for her songs reflecting upon social and political issues and has returned as an active singer with a series of upcoming concerts.


Hong Kong-based rapper-producer Dough-Boy is a household name in Asia’s hip-hop scene, having received numerous awards for his solo work. Since his debut in 2013, Dough-Boy has had three super-hit albums and a diverse range of collaborations under his belt.

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Jace Chan


Jace Chan is a familiar face to the people of Hong Kong from being a cast member on the popular ViuTV drama series Margaret & David – Ex (2017). Following her debut as a singer-songwriter in 2019, Chan has continued to gain popularity with her debut album Processing and by playing an active role in the television and music industry.

MC Cheung


After winning first runner-up in the ViuTV reality show King Maker II in 2019, MC Cheung gained massive popularity amongst Hong Kong youth and is now an active singer signed under Warner Music Hong Kong. 

Merry Lamb Lamb


Hong Kong-based Internet artist Merry Lamb Lamb plays an active role in the indie music scene in the city. As a self-taught singer-songwriter and producer, she dabbles in lo-fi electronic music and prides herself on her unique style.

Panther Chan


Originally from Guangzhou, Panther Chan is now a Hong Kong-based singer who first gained popularity after winning third runner-up in the reality show Asian Million Star in 2009. Gradually, Chan has also become one of the most active indie singers, having performed in a variety of music concerts and festivals in the city.


Since her debut in 2012, Serrini has become one of the city’s most popular indie soloists. The singer-songwriter, who is an activist for the LGBTQ+ community and other social and political issues, has had five hit albums and won a Golden Indie Music Award. She is currently pursuing a postgraduate degree while working on new music. 

Terence Lam


With a passion for music since a young age, Terence Lam got his start as a composer back in 2014 and worked with a variety of well-known Cantopop artists. Since he went viral in 2020 for his single Solitude, Lam has transitioned to an independent singer-songwriter, bagging musical awards for his work from RTHK and ViuTV.

Tyson Yoshi


Hong Kong-based independent singer-songwriter Tyson Yoshi has quickly become one of the most well-known hip-hop artists in Hong Kong. Following his debut in 2018, Yoshi’s single Christy, released in 2019, was the first to surpass 1 million views on YouTube and he has since collaborated with a diverse range of artists. 

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Yoyo Sham


Yoyo Sham started her career in the music industry as a backing vocalist performing alongside many notable Chinese singers. Now a solo singer-songwriter, Sham has received wide acclaim for her solo musical works and performances in Hong Kong as well as Taiwan.

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