#legend100ootd: with Madboii and Cecilia Yeung

#overthetop by Madboii @_madboii

There’s more to layering than simply throwing one piece of clothing over another. Textures play an important part – start light and get thicker. For obvious reasons, it also helps to build your base with more fitted pieces. Consider the colour wheel, too. Look for shades that complement one another, or opt for tonal layering.

#steppingin by Cecilia Yeung @cceciliayeung

Skyscraper heels are being swapped out in favour of more practical footwear. At Gabriela Hearst, it was Birkenstocks. We saw fisherman sandals at JW Anderson. And Simone Rocha had Crocs. So whether it’s classic flats, orthotic ankle boots, dad sneakers or even your house slippers that you go for this season, you have high fashion’s blessing.

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