#legend100ootd: with Afa Lee and Will Or

#dramacoats by Afa Lee @afa_leecyu

Nothing beats a long coat to keep the cold weather blues away. And the ones of this season were huge (looking at you, Saint Laurent and Loewe!). When draped in a floor-grazing wool coat or long-line leather trench, your outfit underneath is simply second fiddle. Its full-body coverage and tailored fit will suit any occasion, whether it’s running errands or attending dinner soirées.

#classicreinvented by Will Or @willallwailam

Tailoring plays a fundamental role in men’s fashion, which was reinvented this season. At Kenzo, tailoring was boiled down to minimise details (lapels are overrated anyways), while Balenciaga opted to go oversize. There were also touches of nudity – think suits unbuttoned and sans shirt – and transparencies as demonstrated by actor Will Or, courtesy of the rise in gender-fluid dressing.

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