#legend100does: January 2022

We’ve asked our community for the hottest events they’ve marked down in their diaries this month. Be it art, food or entertainment, our plugged-in friends know what’s most happening

Tim Fung @sunday.son

“I love Two Parts Studio for pottery. And a neighbourhood I suggest for hanging out would be PoHo for the awesome boutiques and coffee shops like Teakha.”

Wilfred Wong @thatwilfred

“Instead of focusing on the fast pace of life, it’s time to give a toast to the new year by taking care of our inner peace and transforming life with new-year blessings received. If one has no clue what to do, why not embark on a journey into calm by visiting Tsz Shan Monastery, freeing our bodies and minds with Buddhist artefacts and nature,
contemplating under the guidance of the Venerable, nourishing our souls with ancient wisdom and the majestic monastery, thereby leading to a new lease of life?”

Louise Pang @thelouisepang

“As Fashion Weeks always set the tone for another year in fashion, I’m really looking forward to seeing brands unveil their style trends and collections calendar. I’m excited to write about how it all blends into our lifestyle and the beauty space. The mini-skirt suits of classic Chanel, the solar power colours, the play on traditional trench coats, stripes, LOTS OF STRIPES. It will be a fun start to the year.”

Theresa Wu @ezzentrictwee

“I’m a pescatarian and also a vegetarian lover. After a whole month of festive meals, it’s time for our tummies to take a rest. In January, I’d highly recommend everyone do at least one green day per week. There are heaps of vegetarian/vegan restaurants around nowadays and one of my favourites has to be POP Vegan in Soho. Its quinoa
salad, cauliflower and avocado pizza, and Wellington Beyond Burger steak are my faves! Go try it! You will not be disappointed!”

Noel Li @no3l

Photo via Instagram | @no3l

“January will definitely be a busy month! Two major men’s Fashion Weeks will be hosted: Milan from January 14-18 and Paris from January 18-23. Other than staying home to enjoy the show online, usually we’ll have a busy shooting schedule and report on what’s going on during the shows. So stay tuned!”

Nat Kwan @nkwan713

“I’m really looking forward to the flower markets that will happen in late January for Chinese New Year! I’m especially excited for the one in Victoria Park as it’s filled with lots of different flowers and fun local goodies. But most importantly, it’s a family tradition to go together every year as it’s a symbol of leaving behind the bad luck
from the previous year and walking into a new year of good health and prosperity.”

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