#legend100does: Hot happenings in March 2023

We’ve asked our #legend100 community for the hottest events they’ve marked down in their diaries this month. Be it art, food or entertainment, our plugged-in friends know what’s most happening

Ruby Fung @fungyungyung

“It’s March, which means it’s Art Month! Finally, the art schedule is back on track. The must-go places are Art Basel and Art Central, and I’m hoping to see more international galleries and artists joining this year. My gallery 13A New Street will also be hosting exhibitions for Art Month, including shows supporting local and female artists. It’s going to be an artsy and meaningful month!

“I also like to go on an island or countryside escape when I have a day off. And March is an especially good season for hiking! I always like to end the day with an al fresco seafood dinner at either Lamma Island or Sai Kung.”


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Erica Chui @ericacwk

“I’m so anxious and excited for the year 2023 and one of my biggest goals is to continue to expand and update myself and learn new skills – I’m actually planning to go back to school!

“I took part in a couple of collaborations with CoverDog – a platform for music lovers to come together and create, explore and inspire – last year, including acting in a music video, and writing the screenplay for an online sitcom and lyrics for a couple of songs. And I’m really looking forward to more creative projects with the platform– I just did a microfilm with them called FOMO last month, so please go check that out too!

“I also want to recommend this cafe/bar called Ohm. I love how they have live music from time to time and it’s filled with neon signs – it reminds me of the culture and beauty of Hong Kong. It’s a very cosy spot for me to get my mind off my busy schedule and I love sipping on their special drinks, especially their Umeshu Jasmine, and chatting with my close friends at the high tables – it’s such a comforting ambience.”

@coverdoghk @ohm_industries

Ankie Beilke @ankiebeilke

“My family and I have been focusing on getting in touch with nature and spending quality time with close family and friends, which involves more home-cooked meals – Sebastian and I love to bake and cook together.

“Weekends are filled with hikes all over the city as the weather is perfect for it right now. Our favourite one is the Lung Ha Wan Country Trail – we love the beautiful different landscapes and to end, we look at ponies at the Clearwater Bay stables.

“I’ve been teaching a lot of yoga lately, which brings me joy. For my own yoga practice, I’ve been going to GOOD yoga at The Upper House – perfect to feel good and sweat it all out. For a light lunch, I’ve always enjoyed sitting by the pool at the Four Seasons – one never gets tired of that view. For dinner, you can never go wrong with one of our all-time favourite restaurants, Sushi-Kuu, where my husband and I had our first date. Shhhh!

“I’ve also recently rediscovered my joy for Thai boxing at Fight House. It’s a Muay Thai gym owned by married couple Patrick and Christy, and they have everything – group, kids and private classes.”

@fshongkong @goodyoga_private @sushi_kuu @fighthousehk

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