#legend100: Hilary Fan on the importance of mental health

Being in the public eye comes with a certain level of scrutiny. Tennis star Naomi Osaka recently withdrew from a tournament due to “bouts of depression” while Kendall Jenner also shared her struggles with mental health. The same goes for KOLs aka. influencers, who often struggle to balance their personal and public lives in the quest for more followers.

We checked in with #legend100 influencer, Hilary Fan, who shared her thoughts on mental health and the importance of giving back to yourself.

What are your thoughts on mental health? 

I think that it is vital for everyone to be mindful of mental health. It is crucial to prioritise your own mental health and make sure, if anything, that you’re taking steps to listen to your needs – both body and mind. 

Do you think that mental health is addressed adequately in the media? 

In recent years, there have definitely been a lot of improvements in how it is addressed. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Ryan Reynolds have recently shared their experience with anxiety candidly as part of Mental Health Awareness Month in the US. 

I think that it’s a bit difficult because it’s deemed as a more sensitive topic. With mental health, I believe that it resonates differently with everyone because not everyone values it the same, but I’m sure there may be more effective ways to raise awareness over time.

With your busy work busy schedule, how do you manage stress?

I always make sure to have some “me time”. I think that knowing when to delegate time to yourself will help you distress and recharge. I enjoy winding down on a couch with a pampering face mask. 

Being a foodie yourself, which foods boost your mood after a long day?

A big bowl of hearty instant noodles or spicy carbonara will do the trick. For a healthier option, I would opt for some fruit salad in the daytime. 

What has the practice of yoga taught you about your mind and body? 

To simply let go and release the excess tension! 

What are you looking forward to the most this summer?

If it wasn’t for the pandemic, I would most likely be visiting family in Japan during the summer months. I have been enjoying hiking and kayaking with friends at the moment. There’s definitely a lot more to do and explore [in Hong Kong] than people think! 

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