Sparkle By Karen Chan: A fantastical world of avant-garde Chinese garments

As one of Hong Kong’s hottest fashion events, Centrestage, returns this September, so does a wide range of brands with their latest collections 

Watermelon Ball Silk Cheongsam from Sparkle by Karen Chan

Hong Kong-based Sparkle By Karen Chan is a label that reimagines Chinese cheongsams and modern Tang jackets with an avant-garde vision. The colourful, playful and bold reinterpretation of these pieces remains infused with iconic Hong Kong elements. 

The brand returns to the show for four consecutive years, and this year it will showcase the 2023 Collection of Modern Cheongsams and Retro Tang Jackets, Denim Streetwear and Wedding Cheongsams. 

The themes of this collection are “Nostalgic HK Store” and “HK Classic”. The former is inspired by old-school toys and sweet treats found in nostalgic Hong Kong neighbourhood stores. Think of the iconic Hong Kong invention, the watermelon ball, plastic bubble tube and the yo-yo. 

Soda Crate Silk Cheongsam from Sparkle By Karen Chan

In comparison, the HK Classic collection is inspired by street scene items from the 1950s to 1990s with red, white and blue as the main colour scheme. From the old-fashioned barber shop’s twirling light pole, ice cream truck, and airmail envelope to the classic red Chinese junk boat that graces the Victor Harbour waterway for the past century. 

All of the designs are revived into bold and funky Sparkle By Karen Chan original patterns that aim to show off individuality and a fun-loving personality.

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Furthermore, this year, the collection incorporates bold, neon colours that exude youthfulness with the main colour themes of “Sparkle Loves Black Pink” and Black & Red Chic”  in addition to the “Red White Blue Reinvented” found in the HK Classic ensemble. 

Adding to this is Sparkle By Karen Chan’s 2023 Denim Collection which uses eco-denim materials to create modern cheongsams and Tang jackets. 

Barber Twirl Silk Cheongsam and Sparkle by Karen Chan x Jervis Lucky Coin Basketball Bag from Sparkle By Karen Chan

It doesn’t end here, there is also the “Sparkle’s 2023 IP Collaboration” which sees the crossovers with Hong Kong original and internationally renowned anime IPs [Intellectual Properties]. These include the city’s pop culture artists and Japanese anime Sanrio’s top character, Kuromi, donning Sparkle By Karen Chan’s cheongsam-style street fashion presented in Hong Kong neon lights. 

Other brand crossovers include Jervis, Ori-Princess and Infantry watch. Sparkle’s eye-catching Jervis basketballs and basketball handbags are equally playful and practical and are featured in the brand’s red-white-blue Chinese lucky coin pattern. The Ori-Princess miniature doll is decked out in a neon-coloured “Lolly Pop” party Tang jacket and a tutu, while the mix-n-match Infantry watches are presented in red-white-blue Chinese lucky coin and the neon-coloured “Lolly Pop” pattern as well. 

Storegate Carving 100 per cent Silk Cheongsam Pantsuit from Sparkle By Karen Chan

Sparkle By Karen Chan aims for everyone to embrace their inner beauty and not be limited by existing “fashion rules”. Whether you wish to dress elegantly as a teenager or young and vivacious in your golden years, Sparkle By Karen Chan – regardless of age and status – hopes to inspire everyone from all walks of life to their personality through their style. 

Don’t miss this year’s Centrestage Brand Show together with Sparkle By Karen Chan x HKDI Next In Cheongsam Runway Show. It will feature up to 90 colourful east-meets-west Chinese chic fashion pieces. One of the hottest fashion events to check out. 

Creative concept and production / #legend
Model / Ching Yeung
Photographer / Lamb Yu
Set design / Kofe
Assistant / Duncan Lui
Stylist / SK Tang
Hair / Peter Cheng
Make-up / Kidd Sun
Wardrobe / Sparkle By Karen Chan

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