Shanghai Tang: new Twin Bliss collection a prelude to Spring/Summer 2024

After the successful launch of last year’s collaborative collection with artist Long Di, Shanghai Tang has launched a new edition of its Twin Bliss collection this Christmas season

As we exit the Year of the Rabbit and close in on the Year of the Dragon, luxury label Shanghai Tang is going from fluffy to fierce by incorporating the most powerful and auspicious symbols in Chinese tradition into their latest collection with artist Long Di.

It took half a year to research historical images of the dragon and phoenix (the male and female representations respectively) as inspiration for the new Twin Bliss collection. All in anticipation for the new lunar new year dedicated to the Dragon that is to emerge in 2024.

Long has created a set of vivid and joyful dragon and phoenix works with rich imagery that possesses all the traditional characteristics of the two mythical animals while keeping in line with the artist’s unique style. The collection goes beyond the bold prints and have expanded into including more apparel and lifestyle products suitable for year-round occasions, from the decal porcelain scented candles to sachets with gourmet, fruit and pine fragrance to create a festive holiday ambiance.

The entire collection is in line with Shanghai Tang’s brand concept which encapsulates the sentiment of “Make Life a Party”.

The collection’s demure Ginkgo jewellery collection is vibrant and delicate. The Ginkgo symbolises health and longevity. Here enamel and fine natural pearls are used to create this exquisite series.

Something more blatant holiday-inspired is the Christmas Star Wish collection with luxurious cashmere wraps that show flowing and smooth lines while bringing affectionate warmth this winter season.

This latest unveiling is a glimpse into what awaits us for Shanghai Tang’s 2024 Summer/Spring collection where fashion becomes another form of artistic expression. When nourished by art, a new Asian flair is born in the arms of innovative design and traditional craftsmanship.

Check out the collection here!

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