Paris Fashion Week 2022: Day 1 with Declan Chan

Hong Kong stylist, Declan Chan, is in the City of Lights during one of its most fashionable times of the year. He checks out Dior and Koché to kickstart the week

Photo: Dior


The runway stage at Dior during Paris Fashion Week 2022. Photo: @declanchan

My first day of fashion week started with a privileged journey through the historic Jardin des Tuileries, and into the marvellous world of Dior. The show was staged in the heart of the garden that was commissioned by Catherine de Medici, an Italian noblewoman who arrived at the French court in 1533. The collection took inspiration from the emblematic woman’s political strength as well as the fashion innovations she launched, such as Burano lace, heels, and the corset, all of which she introduced to royal manufacturers.

Photo: @declanchan

From the garden entrance to my seat, I passed by countless celebrities including Cha Eun-Woo, Elle Macpherson, and brand ambassador Jisoo. Celebrity excitement filled the natural garden outside, as well as within the venue where a mystical baroque cave installation muffled the enthusiastic chatter. Designed by artist Eva Jospin, the intricate detail of the cardboard structure added an eloquent backdrop to this collection that sought to highlight the outside world and ask what lies beyond our perception. 

Geometric corsets wisped down the runway elegantly framing the model’s waists. The various iterations of French court attire conjured up a feeling of truly modern bourgeois elegance. Abundant layers of lace further elevated many silhouettes that seemed to manifest traditional French elegance. Swirling dancers added to the flowing ambience of the défilé that played with ideas of historic invention and the contemporary urban woman.

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Photo: @declanchan

Koché is well known for its collaborations and this season Christelle Kocher continues her alliance-building through the reveal of a collection in partnership with google ATAP. The collection aimed to be a “creative exploration of interactions between people, clothes, and machines”. Fringed shirts, skirts, and accessories caught my attention on the runway. While perforated leather garments and interlaced knits meticulously demonstrated the innovation and creativity that was seen throughout the collection.

Photo: @declanchan

A large digital screen dominated the backdrop of the catwalk. During the show captions including “What is the first question ever asked” and “what is reality?” were written inside a google search bar. The renowned search engine continued to be a focal point in the collection with one look featuring a google logoed hoodie. An overall relaxed and effortless aura flowed off the catwalk, creating a positively intellectual collection.

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