Mirror’s Keung To re-opens Kenzo’s Harbour City store

Keung To of Mirror turned up to re-open Kenzo’s store, revamped by the maison’s artistic director Nigo. The Harbour City store houses the upcoming Spring-Summer 2024 and Kenzo x Verdy collections

The atrium of Harbour City was filled with throngs of people on the morning of November 24. While foot traffic in the Tsim Sha Tsui landmark has always been high, this was even more than unusual as it was packed out on both levels.

It turned out that fans had turned out in droves to see Keung To, member of Hong Kong’s hottest boyband Mirror, who had come to re-open Kenzo’s store. Some had started lining up at 5am to catch a glimpse of the music star, complete with flashing LED signboards.

The revamped store is conceptualised and newly renovated under the lead of Kenzo’s artistic director Nigo’s lead, marking the first location revamped by Nigo in the maison’s Asia Pacific retail network. Keung To was there to preside over the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The revamped store takes on a distinct oak wood and red fabric combo to mirror the brand’s Asian and European roots. Kenzo also took the opportunity to unveil the Spring-Summer 2024 collection for women and men. The collections are themed around city pop, a distinct music genre from the 70’s and 80’s that saw Japanese artists pull from western music influences like jazz and funk for a unique sound. Much like the store, the fashion shares a similar dichotomy with Eastern and Western silhouettes, but are able to be blended harmoniously through layering.

Western streetwear like matching overshirts, tops and trousers, plus workwear jacket-and-skirt combos are abundant and we see the Japanese approach in the collarless trench coats or lapel-less tailored jackets. There are also some that sit easily in the middle like Judo-style sashiko jackets and varsity jackets, as well as a kimono-cut down puffer.

When Keung To finally turned up, the mall erupted in a frenzy of cheers. He then went to meet the press in the store, rocking an outfit from the upcoming Kenzo x Verdy collection. Verdy (real name Tomohiro Konno) is the force behind fashion label Girls Don’t Cry. He counts collaborations with fashion brands such as Bape and Nike on his résumé. He recently served as the artistic director for K-pop sensation Blackpink on their Born Pink tour.

Verdy’s all-new range with Kenzo is a bold and genderless take on everyday street style. It arrives in stores on December 4, along with the Spring-Summer 2024 collection.

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