7 luxury Lunar New Year collections resonating with prosperity

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with the promise of a stylish year ahead

As the Lunar New Year approaches, luxury fashion enthusiasts can celebrate the festivities in style with exclusive capsule collections from luxury brands. These curated pieces transcend mere fashion, embrace the cultural richness of the Lunar New Year, as well as embody the promise of prosperity and auspicious beginnings. Explore the captivating realm of luxury Lunar New Year collections that seamlessly blend tradition with modern elegance.


Burberry embraces the Lunar New Year spirit with a contemporary spin on its iconic check pattern. The Warped Houndstooth Wool Blend Jumper not only makes a daring fashion statement but also carries symbolic undertones of prosperity and renewal. Enhance your ensemble with the Rose Clutch in red, a delicately crafted plush velvet accessory that serves as a charming bloom of good luck.


Elevate your Lunar New Year celebrations with a Cleo Satin Bag from Prada, adorned with shimmering crystals that mimic the scattered constellations of wealth. For those seeking timeless elegance, the Galleria Patent Leather Mini Bag in a vibrant red hue promises joy and success, making it a cherished accessory for the festive season.


Dior provokes the promise of abundance through the Small Lady Dior My ABCDior Bag. Adorned with embroidered flowers symbolising hope and prosperity, and accompanied by the Le Cœur des Papillons Necklace delicately fluttering around your neck, it embodies the essence of new beginnings and transformation.

Bottega Veneta

Keep your essentials close with Bottega Veneta’s Mini Sardine, an iconic pouch reimagined in a rich shade of red that attracts luck and fortune. The Intrecciato Credit Card Case, woven in a mesmerising pattern also another piece worth looking at, gives a subtle nods to tradition while ensuring financial security during the Lunar New Year celebrations.


Gucci’s Lunar New Year Floral Paisley Silk Dress is a spectacle, effortlessly blending festive elements with the house’s signature playfulness. This vibrant masterpiece unleashes a riot of colours and motifs, capturing the essence of joy and prosperity. Complete the look with the Lunar New Year Baby Dragon Keychain, a playful accessory symbolising strength and good fortune in the auspicious Year of the Dragon. Gucci once again proves its mastery in crafting pieces that are not just fashion but expressions of celebration and positive energy.


Roar into the New Year with the Athena Year of The Dragon Mini Tote Bag, featuring a fierce dragon motif symbolising power and ambition. Stride confidently with the Medusa ’95 Corset Slingback Pumps, their red soles leaving a trail of confidence and success wherever you go. As they say, good shoes take you to good places, and these red ladies are the answer.


Lanvin encourages you to paint the town red with their Haute Sequence Leather Clutch Bag, a bold statement piece radiating good fortune. For those seeking a touch of playful luxury, the Leather Nano Pencil Cat Bag is an ideal choice, adding whimsical charm and symbolising elements of independence and protection, making it a unique and stylish accessory for your Lunar New Year celebrations.

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