Canada Goose: Lunar New Year Gift Guide must-haves

Pamper your nearest and dearest with the gift of Warmth this Winter season! With a new Lunar calendar year upon us, there is only one way to enter the Year of the Dragon in style: with Canada Goose’s brand-new Lunar New Year and Hood Trim Collaboration timeless pieces

Models wear Crofton vest (left) and the Sinclair jacket (right)

As a performance bespoke outerwear brand, Canada Goose’s new collection puts a new spin on its core pieces. Not only are they one of the highest-performance luxury outerwear on the market, but the craftsmanship in their design means that their pieces are infused with an approachable style without jeopardising functionality. This latest collection as well as their excitingly vibrant Hood Trim collection contain some of this Winter season’s must-have items. Check them out!

The Lunar New Year Campaign

McKenna Down Jacket

The elevated McKenna down jacket presents luxury through its simple look and streamlined features. Infused with the lustre of Performance Satin that brings next level insulation, this down jacket evokes a gentle air of romance. With an adjustable belt, it tightens for a tailored cut to a close fit that allows for locking in core warmth. This piece is suitable for any occasion and it comes in several colourways that match any outfit.

Sinclair Jacket

The Sinclair jacket is designed for transitional seasons and has a more sporty and casual look than the McKenna down jacket (which is designed to promote core warmth). The Sinclair jacket is made with AcclimaLuxe, a resilient fabric that offers superior wind protection and is suitable for the active urbanite. Alongside black, the jacket comes in three other light colours for a youthful presentation.

Crofton Vest

The Crofton Vest is perfect for layering and can be easily combined with other Canada Goose wear. It offers both warmth and versatility. It is designed to easily express your individual style but doesn’t lose out on its functionality.

Arctic Toque Beanie

Not all beanies are created equally. If you are a fussy beanie wearer who expect the highest quality from your headwear, Canada Goose’s Arctic Toque beanie is first of all made in Italy and constructed from 100 per cent Merino wool for maximum warmth and softness. Each Arctic Toque is garment-dyed – which means it is applied with a special technique that gives each piece a unique colour and a one-of-a-kind touch.

Hood Trim Collaboration Collection

Alternative to the Lunar New Year collection – yet equally exciting – is Canada Goose’s collaboration collection with emerging designers Mira MikatiThebe Magugu and Collina Strada. Together, they have launched a series of limited-edition Hood Trims reflecting each of the designers’ unique design language that can complement any outfit.

Canada Goose Chilliwack by Mira Mikati

Designer Mira Mikati is putting her own take on the ever-popular Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber jacket. Its eye-catching colours with cloudy sky adorning the back and the inner hood makes it nothing but a head-turner. Inspiration for this bomber came from the post-war bush pilots in Canada’s North. It celebrates durability, warmth, and mobility. In this reimagined Mikati version, a unique quilt design was used to capture sunset and sunrise. This is Mikati’s Stay Sunny Hood Trim defined by high-octane colours, including the phrase ‘Stay Sunny’.

Be Me Shelburne Parka by Collina Strada

New York City-based designer brand Collina Strada is in charge of putting her signature touch on the beautiful Be Me Shelburne Parka. This particular piece champions self-expression through original hand-drawn design work that is fused with eco-friendly materials. The Parka – made with Canada Goose’s luxurious Performance Satin material – is available in two bold colourways: the Basically Floral print (a dramatic black satin with a burst of dark pink hand-drawn floral design) and Plaid Maple (an homage to Canadian warmth, brought to life in a modern take on plaid in brown, pink and black). 

Strada’s own take which comes with a separate black Fuzzy Hood Trim and is a modern take on Canada Goose’s classic hood trim that immediately elevates the parka with a luxurious look. Check out the whimsical Cat Ear Hood Trims – a typical Strada trademark that is her ‘Animalistic’ style.

Heirloom Mystique Parka by Thebe Magugu

A statement outerwear garment like no other, the Mystique Parka with a touch of magic by designer Thebe Magugu will surely turn heads. This is the Heirloom Mystique Parka with its abstract print that is inspired by the Basotho Blanket from Lesotho and infused with his distinctive Sisterhood emblem. Magugu fans will find this special parka in a Messina Black Motif and comes with a black down-filled scarf-inspired hood trim. In addition, you can pair this with the Heirloom Shawl – made from bespoke Merino wool – which has an elaborate quilt-through design and is filled with PrimaLoft insulation, which is a perfect accompaniment to the Heirloom Mystique Parka.

The Hood Trim collaboration is available at Canada Goose Harbour City store only. Check out these amazing pieces in-store.

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