International MotorXpo Hong Kong 2021: The city’s auto-themed mega event

The future of automotive is here as the International MotorXpo Hong Kong takes off for five days at AsiaWorld-Expo starting December 1. Carmen Au Yeung, General Manager of International Motor Show (HK) Management Limited tells #legend why this is the show the city’s been waiting for

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It’s no secret that electric is the future when it comes to automobile trends. As the world embraces a greener and cleaner way forward, automakers answer the demand for more robust and luxurious e-vehicles. That and vehicular design are among the trends in which Hong Kong is set to be at the centre of as the city flexes its financial and technological muscles in the realm.

Being the international hub that it is, Hong Kong has yet to see a large automobile event make its way here. Noting this disconnect in the market, Carmen Au Yeung, General Manager of International Motor Show (HK) Management Limited, saw an opportunity to connect auto enthusiasts with automakers in the region.

Kicking off the inaugural edition of International MotorXpo Hong Kong (IMXHK) with the theme Mobility +, Hong Kong’s latest multi-brand auto show is set between December 1 and 5. Exhibitors and guests will be able to get up close and personal with the latest offerings from the industry at AsiaWorld Expo.

Photo: IMXHK

Participating in the first IMXHK will be leading developers in vehicle design, investors, and leaders in the e-sport industry.

Sharing her vision and passion with the city, Au Yeung tells #legend why she’s driven to turn Hong Kong into a world-leading auto hub.

Carmen Au Yeung, General Manager of International Motor Show. Photo: IMXHK

When did your interest in automobiles begin?
My interest in cars began more than ten years ago when I learned to drive and obtained a license. I started to pay attention to cars on the road and the latest release of cars in magazines.

How did the idea for International MotorXpo come about?
The idea of organising IMXHK originated from my tour to Frankfurt with friends a few years ago. Coincidently, there was Frankfurt Motor Show, and we got media passes from a friend who was working in the automobile industry.
This first experience of the motor show was fascinating – we saw lots of concept cars, hypercars, and many international travellers and car enthusiasts, gathering for the latest information on vehicles of the next generations. A question came to us: Why doesn’t Hong Kong have its own international motor show? And IMXHK is actually an answer to this question.

What are the main challenges of hosting an event of this scale in Hong Kong?
Breaking through the traditional concept and the status quo of motor shows in Hong Kong (single brand, sale focused) was one of the major challenges. Major participants in Hong Kong’s automotive industry are dealers who are more sales focused. But an automobile expo cannot simply focus on brand promotion; attracting and nurturing more potential buyers is what matters.

The high rental cost of Hong Kong was another challenge. As the displays of cars require larger booth space, exhibitions cost is higher than that of exhibitions in other industries. Venue of International auto shows in other cities are usually supported or provided by the government or related departments.
The pandemic severely increased the difficulty of organising the event. The uncertainty of the exhibition period has delayed many of our plans.

How do you bring the female perspective to the show?
The idea that automakers target men only is out of date. In recent years, major car manufacturers have paid more attention to the female market to design more feminine car models for females; Ferrari Roma is one of the examples.

As such, IMXHK is more than just a car expo that aims at attracting male audiences. Many elements in IMXHK are suitable for families and females. I would position IMXHK as a “mobility” themed festival, crossing over with designers, art, culture and technologies.

What were some of the key factors that made organising an event of this scale possible?
Although organising the show was not smooth, we have good partners and many people who are passionate about cars, car culture and industry development as a whole. Being optimistic and persistent are also the keys to success.

International MotorXpo Hong Kong 2021
Venue: AsiaWorld Expo
Date: December 1 to 5
Time: December 1 to 4 10:00-20:00, December 5 10:00-19:00
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