Nespresso: A flavourful new start to the New Year

As far as morning rituals go, starting your day (or your New Year) with an aromatic cup of coffee is the only way to go, and Nespresso has just the thing

This year, to enter roaringly into the Year of the Dragon, Nespresso – a global leader in coffee rituals – brings you different flavours to your wakeup ritual. To experience the true taste of the Lunar New Year, the coffee giant brings us several new options imbued with traditional and cultural flavours to celebrate the year ahead.

This year’s Lunar New Year Limited Editions include the Lume Grand Lungo Cup Set in auspicious red with a golden delicate flower and Nespresso’s Limited Edition Lunar New Year Coffee Assortment Pack for that fervent coffee fan.

The sumptuous aroma of morning rituals

When it comes to rousing the senses in the morning, few things come close to the rich aroma of coffee to waking you up. Coffee tastemaker Nespresso partners with Pierre Hermé, who is universally known as the king of French pastry with his signature delectable macaroons that have been described as being “in a league of its own”.

The Original espressos include Infiniment Gourmand made from sweet South American Arabica beans while the refreshingly smooth Infiniment Fruité – as its name may already allude to – is a smooth cereal aroma paired with raspberry flavours. Both of these offerings are inspired by the luxurious flavours from Pierre Hermé’s elevated pastries. Separately, there is Dharkan, a powerful and intense roast with hints of bitter cocoa with a silky texture.

A new Vertuo Line coffee

Introducing a new coffee, the Ristretto Intenso is a velvety blend with a rich crema developed from a dark roast of Robusta beans from India and Uganda coupled with two Brazilian Arabicas that not only create its peppery spice and woody notes but ensure a creamy texture with intensity.

And in celebration of the Lunar New Year, for every purchase of HK$300 you can redeem a pack of red packet (or two packets upon purchase of HK$500 and above) between January 8 and February 25.

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