#legendeats: Glutinous rice dumplings for the Dragon Boat Festival

Get your last minute glutinous rice dumplings fix for this year’s Dragon Boat Festival

The Legacy House 

Photo: The Legacy House

With the dragon boat races coming in hot and heavy, the Rosewood’s signature Cantonese restaurant has introduced two limited-edition dragon boat festival dumpling for HK$598. Assembled daily through a painstaking preparation process, Chinese executive chef Li Chi-Wai offers both a sweet and savoury option this year. The former is stuffed with whole chestnut, lotus seed, pork meat, abalone, mung bean, mushroom, spices, and dried scallop, while the latter with the auspicious “eight treasures” ingredients, including six-headed South African abalone, pork belly, chestnut, lotus seed, conpoy, chanterelle, porcini, and shiitake, which have been seasoned with Shao Hsing Hua Diao wine, soy sauce, sugar and five-spice.

Where: Rosewood e-Shop

Shangri-La Group

Photo: Shangri-La

Shangri-La Group presents an extensive dragon boat menu that boasts sticky rice dumplings and hampers at its three hotels (Island Shangri-La, Kowloon Shangri-La and Kerry Hotel) for this year’s Dragon Boat Festival. For HKD$958, there’s the Summer Palace Michelin-starred premium sticky rice dumpling gift set by executive Chinese chef Leung Yu-king., which features top-notch ingredients such as abalone, fish maw and 88-month Joselito Iberico ham; as well as the mini sticky rice dumpling gift set (HKD$528), made up of two popular Summer Palace dumpling flavours: the abalone, conpoy and organic pork belly; and 60-year-old dried tangerine peel and red beans.

Where: Shangri-La e-Shop

Man Ho Chinese restaurant

Photo: Man Ho Chinese Restaurant

The Michelin-starred Man Ho Restaurant is back with two of its glutinous rice dumpling favourites, while also bringing a new flavor to the table. Delicately wrapped in bamboo leaves is the Man Ho Dried Abalone Glutinous Rice Dumpling, the Man Ho Red Bean and Pork Glutinous Rice Dumpling (presented in a pair for HK$528), and – last but not least – the Man Ho Hokkien Glutinous Rice Dumpling (housed in a thermal bag for HKD$368 or gift box for HKD$428). The variation of dumplings feature the finest ingredients with South African dried abalone, shiitake mushrooms from Japan, organic Korean chicken thigh, and the star of the show: glutinous rice absorbing the complex flavors of all the ingredients, all handpicked by chef Jayson Tang.

Where: JW eShop

The Peninsula 

Photo: The Peninsula

The Peninsula Hong Kong proudly presents its exquisite dragon boat collection for the much anticipated dragon boat festival. Expertly prepared by its Michelin-starred chefs, the goodies include the Premium Glutinous Rice Dumpling (HK$698), the Deluxe Glutinous Rice Dumpling (HK$408), the “Golden Twins” Glutinous Rice Dumplings (HK$338), and the Supreme Glutinous Rice Dumpling Gift Set with XO Chilli Sauce. The variety of dumplings contain abalone, rose wine marinated Hungarian pork, and red date paste filling for those with a sweeter tooth. Not only is the food made with the finest ingredients, but it also arrives in elegant, custom-designed packaging, and even better, it’s made from 100% recycled and ethically sourced materials inspired by Spring Moon’s iconic Art Deco stained glass windows.

Where: Peninsula e-Shop

Yat Tung Heen 

Photo: Yat Tung Heen

What is better than watching the dragon boat festival on a nice Summer’s day? Yat Tung Heen has the answer for you with its exquisite Rice Dumpling Gift Set from its Michelin-starred restaurant. The gift set comes in two variations: The Deluxe Whole Abalone Rice Dumpling with Conpoy, and the OmniPork Vegetarian Rice Dumpling. The Deluxe Whole Abalone Rice Dumpling with Conpoy is handmade with lavish, whole abalone, egg yolk, premium dried scallops, roasted duck and aromatic mushrooms. While the OmniPork Vegetarian Rice Dumpling is made from OmniPork, mushrooms, and red kidney beans rich in nutritional value – a delectable option for vegetarians!

The eco-friendly set is presented in a dark green, leaf-like envelope, minimizing waste and can be repurposed afterwards. Get your early bird prices now with the Deluxe Whole Abalone Rice Dumpling with Conpoy at HK$258/piece and the OmniPork Vegetarian Rice Dumpling at HK$228/piece.

Where: Yat Tung Heen e-Shop

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