Impress dad with these Father’s Day cocktails

For Father’s Day, Abby Li and Kiki Lyu give you recommendations on where to bring dad out for a drink in Hong Kong and the recipes for the signature cocktails at these bars

Not Negroni by Tell Camellia

“One of our current favorites is our new cocktail with Hojicha tea, boasting a depth of dark chocolate notes and roasted tea, with a nutty twist from fig leaf liq,” says Gagan, founder of Tell Camellia. “It’s the perfect drink for a dad like me.” Not Negroni, a perfect blend of the conservative nature of tea and the boldness of alcohol, will spice up your wholesome night and make it an unforgettable one.

Ingredients: Hojicha Gin, Fig leaf, Campari, Sweet Vermouth

  • Mix Equal parts Hojicha Gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari 
  • Add 15ml of Fig leaf liq Stirred over ice 
  • Serve with block ice and orange twist walla

Where: H-Code, LG Shop 2, 45 Pottinger Street, Tung, On Wo Ln, Central

Livet Valley by Qura Bar at Regent Hong Kong 

The Livet Valley is recommended by Gennaro Pucci, bar manager at Regent Hong Kong. It is what he calls “a twist on a whisky sour!” If your father is a true Whisky connoisseur, this exquisite blend is simply a must-try. The name of the cocktail is a nod to the birthplace of the Glenlivet whisky, an isolated location where the distillery’s founder, George Smith, learned his craft. An old story of success with a modern mixology… What better way to elevate your Father’s Day celebration than with this blend?

Ingredients: The Glenlivet Excellence 12YO, Amaro Lucano, Zoppi distillery shiso liquor, Yuzu juice, Lime, Egg

  • Measure all the ingredients and pour them into a Boston Shaker
  • Egg white must be poured at the end to not create a curling reaction with citrus
  • Dry shake (mix without ice)
  • Shake all the ingredients until the shaker is cold
  • Double-strain the cocktail in a chilled Nick & Nora glass
  • Garnished with a Shiso leaf

Where: 18 Salisbury Road Regent, Tsim Sha Tsui

The Penicillin by Please Don’t Tell at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

The Penicillin is a timeless concoction that is sure to elevate your Father’s Day celebration. But wait, imagine infusing it with a twist of spicy ginger and vinegar. If this piques your interest, then step into the speakeasy bar Please Don’t Tell at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental to give this signature cocktail a try. Presented by the director of mixology of The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Daniel Valencia, With his innovative interpretation of this nearly two-decade-old recipe, this is a drink that won’t disappoint.

Ingredients: Big Peat Whisky, Galangal Shrub, Apple Juice, AÉR Cocktail Enhancer

  • Mix Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky and Ardbeg 10 years Whisky
  • Infuse it with the spicy Galangal & Honey Shrub 
  • Add some vinegar to cut through the layers 
  • Garnish with crisps & smoky aromas

Where: The Landmark, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

Mira Negroni by Vibes at The Mira Hong Kong

Indulge in a modern twist on a classic with the Mira Negroni – a signature piece presented by Vibes at The Mira Hong Kong. It is mixed with not one but two Italian-style vermouths lending enough spice as to not be overwhelmed by Campari, and a touch of Tawny Port added to enhance the complexity. And if that’s not enough to impress you, the Mira Negroni is marinated for 10 days with freshly sliced citrus fruit before being served, ensuring a burst of exotic flavors with every sip. Let it set the tone for an unforgettable Father’s Day celebration.

Ingredients: Beefeater Gin, Campari, Mancino Rosso Amaranto Vermouth, Cocchi Vermouth Rosso, Tawny Port Wine, Bitter Truth Lemon Bitters, Bitter Truth Grapefruit Bitters

  • ⁠Pour equal parts of gin, Campari, and vermouth into a clay pot jar and add a generous dash of port wine with bitters to taste
  • ⁠Add sliced citrus and let it rest for a minimum of 1 week before serving
  • Pour through the strainer into a chilled rock glass, on a block of ice
  • Garnish with a dehydrated citrus fruit slice and a long twist of orange peel
  • No waste tip: use marinated fruit slices from the clay pot as garnish; dry on low heat in an oven or fruit dehydrator

Where: 118-130 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui

Martini by Lobster Bar and Grill at Island Shangri-la

Chef Cary Docherty has made a long awaited return to the Island Shangri-la’s Lobster Bar and Grill. During his first tenure there, Docherty’s fresh approach to traditional brasserie fare turned it into one of the city’s most sought after tables. After a short hiatus, he makes a memorable comeback with refreshed concepts that is certain to delight regulars and new diners alike. So bring dad over for a Father’s Day feast and sample their drinks. You can also keep the memories going at home with this martini recipe, courtesy of Elmo Lee, Lobster Bar & Grill’s resident mixologist.

Ingredients: Beafeater 24, Absolut Elyx, Lillet Blanc, Gordal Olive

  • Measure 30ml of Beefeater 24, 30ml of Absolute Elyx and 15ml of Lillet Blanc into a mixing glass
  • Add ice to the mixing glass, stir for 30 seconds and strain into a chilled martini glass
  • Garnish with a Gordal olive, serve or drink and repeat

Where: Level 6, Pacific Place, Supreme Ct Rd, Central

Roasted Billie Boulevardier by Ella

Experience the enchanting vibes of Ella bar’s jazz nights with their one and only best-selling cocktail, Roasted Billie Boulevardier, inspired by the Billie Holiday Boulevardier of New Orleans. This unique creation combines a delightful mix of tea and coffee, with a hint of bitterness. Sip on this extraordinary beverage as you immerse in the soulful melodies and New Orleans-inspired ambiance at Ella as you celebrate Father’s Day!

Ingredients: Bourbon, Hojicha Liqueur, Coffee Liqueur, Campari, Orange Peel Twist

  • Measure 40ml bourbon, 15ml hojicha liqueur, 10ml coffee liqueur, 30ml campari into a mixing glass
  • Stir and serve over ice
  • Add orange peel twist as garnish

Where: 26F, The Trilogy, H Code, 45 Pottinger Street, Central

Gents O’Clock by Quinary

Celebrate Father’s Day with a refined twist on timeless sophistication. Introducing Gents O’Clock, a wonderful symphony of flavours crafted to honour the father figures in your life. This signature cocktail features a complex blend of dry fig sous vide rye whiskey and Madera Sherry, boosted with hints of subtle sweetness from coffee bean maple syrup and Campari cream. Put on the ‘gentleman’s hat’ and enjoy as the applewood smoke curls form a memorable sensation for the senses with every sip.

Ingredients: Dry Fig Sous Vide Bulleit Rye Whiskey, Madeira Wine, Coffee Bean Maple Syrup, Campari Cream, Applewood Smoke

  • Slow cook dried fig with bulleit rye whiskey
  • Slow cook coffee bean with maple syrup
  • Pour bulleit rye whiskey, coffee bean maple syrup and madeira wine into shaker and shake
  • Strain it into wine glass
  • Top up with Campari cream foam
  • Burn applewood in smoker kit on top and serve

Where: 56-58 Hollywood Road Central, Hong Kong

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