Chefs share their tips for pumpkin treats

Autumn is in full swing, which means it’s time to reconsider the pumpkin – not just as a canvas for your artful jack-o’-lanterns, but also as a key ingredient in seasonal dishes. With that in mind, Stephenie Gee reached out to some of our favourite chefs and asked them to share their spin on the ol’ orange squash

Ravioli made with Delica pumpkin at Testina

Jayson Tang, Man Ho Chinese Restaurant

“Our sautéed Yunnan pork cubes with pumpkin and black olives in black bean sauce features a classic pairing in Chinese cuisine – pumpkin and meat. Kabocha pumpkin, also called chestnut pumpkin, is in season with an outstanding sweetness and tenderness. The selection of pork is also crucial, so I use the best cut of pork collar from Yunnan, which has a pleasantly balanced fat-to-meat ratio and great texture. After braising the pumpkin, I sauté it with the pork cubes and season with black olives and black beans. The sweetness from the pumpkin
shines in the dish and goes well with the savoury sauce and flavourful meat.”

Luigi Troiano, Noi

“Our dish called ‘Scottish Blue Lobster, Pumpkin ’Nduja’ centres on the Scottish blue lobster, roasted to perfection and complemented by a velvety Japanese pumpkin purée and classic beurre blanc sauce. The pairing of Scottish blue lobster with Japanese pumpkin purée seeks to meld the natural sweetness and delicate textures of both ingredients. The velvety purée serves as a harmonious backdrop to the lobster’s marine richness, creating a balanced interplay between earthy and marine notes. This culinary choice is not just about flavour but also about tradition and memory. The dish, with its roasted components and splash of Meyer lemon oil, pays homage to [chef/founder] Paulo [Airaudo]’s Argentinian roots. Just as Paulo’s grandmother used to roast buttered fish with a hint of lemon and salt, we aim to evoke those cherished family memories while introducing fresh and contemporary flavours.”

Scottish Blue Lobster, Pumpkin ’Nduja’ at Noi

Marco Xodo, Testina

“This is the season of Delica pumpkin from Mantua, Northern Italy – an ingredient much loved by us and
[the inspiration for Testina], Trippa Milano. The original recipe comes from the combination of sweet and delicate flavours as well as others more intense and bitter, creating a perfect union. Mantuan pumpkin ravioli is characterised by a filling of pumpkin, enriched with amaretti biscuits, grated Parmesan cheese, lemon zest, grated nutmeg and apple mustard (another Mantua speciality obtained from a variety of apples called Campanina, known for
its sweet- sour taste and very small size). Tossed in sage- infused butter and served with 36-month-aged Parmesan, the pumpkin ravioli is a heavenly plate of sweet and savoury autumn flavours of Italy.”

Ringo Chan, Four Seasons

“Our pumpkin tarts are handcrafted with fresh pumpkin purée, delicately folded into the pastry to create a smooth and velvety texture. A touch of aromatic cinnamon, nutmeg and ground ginger is added to enhance the seasonal flavour. We take great care in sourcing our pumpkins from the US, as they naturally boast a vibrant shade of orange that is visually striking compared to the Japanese variety. Their natural brightness gives our tarts a beautiful colour. Our recipes are steeped in tradition, paying homage to the season to create a harmonious blend of flavours that honour the bountiful harvest and beloved custom.”

A pumpkin tart from the Four Seasons

Uwe Opocensky, Petrus

“Pecan, pumpkin and chocolate soufflé is a dessert that is featured in our Autumn’s Signature Menu. It embodies the essence of autumn and is a celebration of the season’s bounty, with the pumpkin taking centre stage. Within the soufflé, you’ll discover a delightful surprise – the rich crunch of pecans. These roasted nuts add a delightful texture and a warm, nutty flavour that complements the earthiness of the pumpkin perfectly.”

Stir-fried mixed mushrooms and fungus with black truffle paste in tomato and pumpkin dressing at T’ang Court

Wong Chi Fai, T’ang Court

“Stir-fried mixed mushrooms and fungus with black truffle paste in tomato and pumpkin dressing is one of our signature dishes at T’ang Court. We first stir-fry a tantalising mix of mushrooms and fungus with aromatic black truffle, and further place them inside a peeled tomato to steam for 15 minutes until tender. The tomato is then bathed in a rich pumpkin soup that consists of cream milk and chicken broth – which lends a subtle sweetness that complements the savoury mushrooms and black truffle – for an enjoyable and intriguing dish that is a feast for both the eyes and taste buds.”

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