Trending TikTok challenges to try now

What do we do with all our free time without TikTok? Surely, we’re not the only ones who have thanked our lucky stars for this amazing app, which has not only helped us get through stay-at-home orders, but also rediscover those moves!

We’ve compiled some of the trending TikTok challenges here, and we guarantee they will get you dancing, planking, cooking and glamming up in no time. And yes, you’re welcome!


During this period, many couples are left with no choice but to spend a LOT of time together – perhaps more than each could care for. We’re here to spice things up for all of you with the #fliptheswitch, which has been tried by none other than Jennifer Lopez and husband A-Rod, and local influencer Emi Wong. It’s fairly easy, too! Just dance to the rhythm and switch your outfits. Make sure you pick the best get-ups to make an impact!

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Here’s another challenge to try with your partner or family members, which will get those sluggish muscles working too! Planking may look easy but don’t underestimate what it takes to succeed. To get the perfect shot within 15 seconds, expect a lot of practice and make sure you have a towel within reach because it will make you break into a sweat! We promise though, the final clip will be worth all the work.

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It’s probably been a while since you’ve gone to your favourite local coffee shop for a caffeine fix and a nice chat. So why not make it happen in your own home? Trending right now is Dalgona coffee, and there are a lot of recipes online, on TikTok, too! Haven’t done it before? Don’t fret, trying something for the first time is half the fun.

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We know there hasn’t been much point in putting on makeup these days, but with these TikTok challenges, you will be compelled to do so. Top influencers such as Brittany Xavier and Chriselle Lim have shared their #makeuphacks, and we’re sure you can learn a thing or two from them, and maybe discover your own in the process! While you’re at it, check out the newest beauty products in our roundup too!

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To all the fashionistas out there – we know you miss dressing up from head to toe. Why not take up TikTok’s #fashionchallenge and get an even wider audience for those amazing getups. Just a heads up, to make it epic, you need to change for at least 10 times. So plan ahead and get that perfect angle!

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Washing your hands has never been as important as it is right now, and the social media community has been quick to spread the word. Join in and take on the #handwashingmove challenge to do your bit, and show that this mundane task can be a lot of fun!

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