Pride month: Netflix shows with great queer representation to binge

We love our entertainment and seeing the whole spectrum of humanity reflected in it. From new hits like Baby Reindeer to classics like Orange is the New Black, David Ho gives you a rundown of some of the best Netflix series with amazing LGBTQ characters for you to delve into for Pride Month

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Dead Boy Detectives

Based on Neil Gaiman’s comic, this story follows two teenage ghosts and a psychic who team up to solve mysteries. The show is a fun mix of lighthearted teen mystery flick with epic supernatural moments a la the very excellent The Sandman, which is set in the same universe. George Rexstrew turns in a convincing performance as Edwin Payne, one of the detectives who has the unique struggle of coming to terms with his sexuality as someone with early 20th century repression while stuck in modern times and the afterlife.


Thai Boys Love (BL) shows have become a cultural juggernaut, launching the careers of some of Thailand’s biggest stars. Seen as one of the definitive shows of this genre, 2gether catapulted Bright and Win into superstar status. The surprisingly family-friendly series is about two college boys who go from being in a fake romantic relationship to becoming a real couple. If you want something accessible and light-hearted, this is a good start.

Sex Education

This British series follows the life of Otis Milburn, a high school student who follows in his sex therapist mother’s footsteps by offering counselling to his peers. The series explores a rather wide spectrum of sexual intimacy issues in the community at Moordale Secondary School. The problems are depicted in refreshing candour and realism without sacrificing the laughs. Of particular note, Ncuti Gatwa shines here as Otis’ best friend. They make one of the best on-screen duos in a long time, depicting a healthy straight-gay friendship dynamic without falling on tropes of yesteryears.

Baby Reindeer

This acclaimed series was created, written and based on its main actor Richard Gadd’s own real-life experience with a stalker. It has sparked numerous conversations about mental health and how far online sleuthing can/should go, but less discussed is its characterisation of the transamourous, those attracted to trans people. While trans folks are increasingly visible in media, the transamourous have largely remained as shadowy figures looking for a quick romp. Gadd’s Donny Dunn has a journey of discovery as he deals with the hurdles of being transamourous while fending off a crazed stalker. It’s a gripping watch.


This Ryan Murphy-created series follows the lives of those in New York City’s ball culture, a dance subculture in the African-American and Latino queer communities, throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. Over three seasons, we see the colourful cast from chosen families as they battle it out on the dancefloor for escapism and empowerment against a backdrop of discrimination, the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and Madonna bringing their subculture to the mainstream with “Vogue”. Expect looks, choreography, laughs, and tears aplenty.

Derry Girls

Even if you have never lived in Ireland, you’ll feel like you have once you get to know the lovable cast of this show. Set against the final years of the Northern Ireland Conflict in the 1990’s, it follows the lives of five spirited teenagers living in the city of Derry as they juggle high school, high jinks and a sobering political climate. We won’t spoil it for you who the queer character is, but it’s not necessarily who you think it might be.

Orange is the New Black

One of Netflix’s first big hits and still among its greatest, Orange… takes you into the US prison system and the lives of the many women caught in it. Based on the best-selling memoir of Piper Kerman, the show spans seven seasons and has won great acclaim for its gritty yet endearing portrayals of those who make up the melting pot in the US. It has served up some of the most fantastic performances on screen and makes for a real eye-opener on the harsh realities faced by many on the daily. This show is not just a recommendation, but a must-watch for everyone.

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