Listen to K-pop stars Hyoyeon and Somi Jeon’s new singles here

K-pop fans, are you ready for superstars Hyoyeon Kim and Somi Jeon’s latest singles, which are set to be released this Wednesday, July 22nd? Besides being two of K-pop’s biggest stars, you may also recognise them as former #legend cover stars:


A member of popular Korean girl band, Girls’ Generation, which debuted in 2007, Hyoyeon a.k.a DJ HYO made her solo debut as a DJ in 2018 with a single called “Sober.” Now, a year after her last single, she’s collaborated with rapper Loopy and (G)-IDLE’s Soyeon for the upcoming new track called “Dessert,” which we’ve heard is spiked with beats of energetic jungle pop and a catchy hook.

Watch to the video below:

Take a trip down memory lane with our exclusive #legend video shoot with Hyoyeon:

Somi Jeon

Korean-Canadian rising star Somi Jeon has also released her music video for her single, “What You Waiting For” to her 6.9 million followers. The teaser shows her competing on a track field but running off to a different lane. The new track was co-produced with record producer TEDDY, R.LEE and 24, which has a bouncy and funky beat. 

Get to know Somi Jeon more in our video with her from October last year:

Both Hyoyeon and Somi Jeon will be dropping their hot new singles on Wednesday, 22 July at 6pm (KST), so be sure to stay tuned!

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