How to prep for the Chinese New Year in style

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and we all know what that means – lantern displays, lion dances, sweet rice cakes, and not to mention lai sees! But as with any tradition, there comes a few guidelines. Here’s our guide for you to prep for the new year the right way

Get a haircut

The Chinese character for hair, ‘发’, means to prosper, hence the Chinese belief that you should never cut your hair on or during the new year, as that equates to cutting away your fortune. Instead, cut your hair beforehand for new ‘wealth’ for the coming year.

Located on the 24th floor and the second floor of the Mandarin Oriental respectively, The Mandarin Salon and The Mandarin Barber are Hong Kong’s haircutting destination par excellence. Boasting an experienced team of stylists and barbers who not only understand the latest trends but also the unique needs of their clients, guests are bound to leave with perfect, head-turning hair.

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Wear something red

According to Chinese traditions, wearing red as you enter the new year guarantees good fortune and health. So, to kickstart your new year, head to ETRO for their limited Chinese New Year capsule collection in collaboration with Universal Brand Development and DreamWorks Animation. Dedicating to the brave and loyal Tigress in the animation Kung Fu Panda, the collection offers a spectrum of various unisex looks including tees, sweatshirts and accessories, presented in the auspicious red and enhanced with the brand’s legendary Paisley print.

Buy your blooms

Pots of Grace. Photo: Van der Bloom

Flowers aren’t just a pretty sight, they also play a huge role in the Chinese New Year of ushering in good luck. And although the annual flower market is closed due to COVID restrictions, Van der Bloom has you covered with their Leaping Blooms collection. This Pots of Grace arrangement brings colour and warmth to your home with their lady pink orchids, a symbol of fertility, abundance and prosperity. Embellished with hanging amaranthus and argyracea, this luxurious arrangement is also great for gifting.

Eat sweet rice cakes

The Peninsula Boutique
Chinese New Year Pudding Original and Dried Longan with Red Date. Photo: The Peninsula

No new year celebration is complete without ‘leen-goh’, or new year pudding. Translating to ‘year higher’, these festive treats are said to bring your wealth to new heights in the forthcoming year, and these from The Peninsula Boutique are definitely at the top of the list. Available in two flavours: original and dried longan with red date, these delectable desserts will ensure you a prosperous year ahead.

Fill your candy box

Photo: Sugarfina

When it comes to Chinese New Year, one of the first things that come to mind is definitely the candy box, or ‘chuen hup’, which are filled with an array of auspicious treats such as melon seeds, candied winter melon, chocolate coins and more. This year, introduce some new flavours to your friends and family with this Sugarfina candy trunk dressed in affluent red and gold. Featuring nine sweet creations such as Lotus Flowers, Green Tea Bears, Gold Pearls and more, this elaborate confectionary box is the perfect way to share your blessings and fortune.

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