6 Hong Kongers recreate their dad’s old looks

Father’s Day is nearly here! Rather than posting a throwback photo, #legend has taken it one step further with six Hong Kongers to surprise and celebrate their dads by having them each recreate their favourite look from an old photo. Feel inspired? Share yours with us at @hashtag_legend on Instagram.

Keefe Tiu

Our very own #legend fashion assistant and photographer, Keefe Tiu (@keefetiu), shows off how times have changed technologically for his reinterpretation. Posing at the same age his father was in his photo (twenty years old). 

“My dad and I always square up about how much more ‘with it’ he was when he was my age…it’s cute, so I let him. But just between us…I definitely go harder, and that’s indisputable x”

Angie Ng

Malaysian-Chinese model and fitness instructor Angie Ng (@angie_ngcl) has reinterpreted her dad’s style in a stylish and edgy way. This look reminds us why we still love the 80s.

Tora Northman 

Based in Hong Kong, Tora Northman (@torenorth) is a Swedish born streetwear sweetheart with a knack for serving looks. She found the jacket her father wore while cleaning out their storage a while back. Cosy and oversized, we’re glad she decided to resurrect it.

Priscilla I’Anson 

Stylist and fashion director Priscilla I’Anson (@priscillaianson) recreated her father’s look by giving us her version of the power suit. Looking from then to now, we can see how Hong Kong has changed over the years.

Lara Morrison

“I still had the two shirts he was pictured in. Although they are pretty old, I still wear them on a weekly basis. Perhaps not in public, but they are big and comfy and perfect to lounge in, I don’t think I could ever throw them away. It’s funny how fashion works though, and how it is all just a matter of time before old becomes new,” says Lara Morrison (@laramorrisonx). 

James Wong

James Wong (@jameswnc) is a model and personal trainer in Hong Kong. Back then, we had no idea why our dads wore socks with sandals. Now, this is one of the coolest way to wear a pair of chunky sandals. This is how fashion goes, we guess!

Direction & Concept / Keefe Tiu 

Edit / Jerrie Lo
Photography / Johnson Lui

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