Get lifted at Cannable, Hong Kong’s newest and only CBD spa

It’s no small thing that we’ve been living in the midst of a pandemic for the last two years, let alone the fact that Hong Kong has always been a very intense city thanks to its world-class efficiency, density and competitiveness. Anyone who has spent time here understands the stressors of urban life, and all of these factors make the entrance of Cannable into Hong Kong’s spa scene quite exciting. 

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As the first and only CBD spa in the city, co-founder Rock So says Cannable is meant to be a place of respite, meeting city dwellers where they are at. Nestled away in Sheung Wan on a quiet street steps away from Western Market, the spa is founded by two business-owning entrepreneurs who love both CBD and massage.

“We are all Hongkongers, we know how tough and stressful living in this city [can be],” So explains. While coping with alcohol, sleeping pills, and anesthesia can surely provide temporary escape or relief, our bodies and minds need to decompress from the stress and tiredness that accumulates over time, So says. “We decided to introduce a different way of relaxing, to relieve and refresh our soul from the inside out with CBD spa and treatment.”

As it becomes increasingly more common to find CBD products in Hong Kong – boutique retailers now offer a range of items from ingestible oils to topical creams to coffee to beer – Cannable’s cannabinoid-centric approach to rest and relaxation seems well-placed to take the city’s CBD experiences to a new level.

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What sets Cannable apart from other spas is in its format where three to four spa treatments are introduced in a specific time period before a new range of treatments is launched. Opening officially today, Cannable’s first rotation for the soft opening includes three hemp treatments: an aromatherapy massage and traditional Thai massage, each available at 60 or 90-minutes, and a muscle release massage, available at 45 minutes.

A special, limited time “Bye Bye Stress” treatment service is also currently on offer from 31 July through 31 August, providing a full body 40-minute hemp aromatherapy massage followed by a 20-minute hot stone massage, and a 30-minute lymph drainage and dehumidification massage, aiming to send the body on a much needed, quarantine-free holiday.

Photo: Cannable

“We want to provide a calm and relaxing experience,” So says. “After our CBD spa and treatment, I always suggest friends or customers have a little walk around this beautiful city with lightened bodies and carefree minds. So I would say relaxing, relieving, discovering are the experiences I want to share.” 

Cannabinoid fans can expect a special menu to be released around the third week of each month. In the coming weeks, So says Cannable will look to provide services focused on meditation to help individuals relax their bodies and inner mind. You don’t have to tell us twice – a CBD spa treatment, followed by a stroll along the Sheung Wan seaside sounds supremely blissed. 

Learn more about Cannable at @cannable__

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