5 ways to keep your COVID birthdays germ-free

Photo: @topitcakeshield/Instagram

COVID is changing the way we mark special occasions as we need to be extra vigilant about the risks of spreading coronavirus. So, blowing out birthday candles is a definite Coro-no. Get it?

But, what’s a birthday celebration when you can’t blow out the candles? If you’re a stickler for tradition, here are some innovative and germ-free solutions to let you do just that. 

Use a cake shield

Photo: @topitcakeshield/Instagram

Fun (or not-so-fun) fact: blowing out the candles on a birthday cake can increase the number of bacteria on the frosting by 1,400 percent, according to a 2017 study. That’s not only disgusting but a huge transmission risk.

That’s why Florida dentist Billy Kay created his clear, patent-pending cake shield to sit over and around your cake with candle-shape notches on the top. Top It comes in a range of shapes and sizes (rectangular, round and slice) and is made of food-safe, flame resistant and eco-friendly plastic, which not only protects your cake from all angles – it also allows you to showcase its Insta-worthy decor.

The best part is, the candle-shaped notches sit on a proprietary track system that shifts so that candles of all different shapes and sizes can be securely placed on top of your cake.

Available on topitcakeshield.com

Fan out your candles

Citing the same study as Top It Shield creator Billy Kay, the people behind Fan Out Your Candles suggest adding some flair to your birthday ceremony by fanning your candles out. To be fair, you could just use any old fan, but these ones are fun, and they do add a bit of drama.

Available at fanoutthecandles.com

Get a virtual cake

Photo: namethatcake.com

Want something in between a virtual and real cake? The people behind Name That Cake scour birthday cake images online to find photos of personalised birthday cakes that you can send to friends or download for your own birthday. Since it’s virtual, there’s no need for candles, and therefore no risk of germs. Psst… Name That Cake is always looking for more photos of personalised cakes so feel free to ‘donate’ your own cake photos.

Available on namethatcake.com

Celebrate in 4K

Video: Brollstock.com/YouTube

This silent 4K video is simple and stunning. Coming in at a minute and a half, you can experience all the beauty and drama of a birthday cake and blowing out its candles – with none of the clean-up or worries about spreading germs.

Use an app

Photo: Progimax

Speaking of birthday cakes with no clean-up, minimalists can celebrate with just their phone and an app from the Google Play or Apple store. These apps let you set the candles, light them up, and ‘blow’ them out using the microphone, followed by animated confetti and balloons – easy.

Available on Google Play and Apple Store

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