Vitae: FaceGym defining new beauty standards

The FaceGym trend first gained popularity in Europe and America. Facial exercises have been shown to improve muscle elasticity and blood circulation, which helps skin renewal. It is one of the hottest beauty trends in the west, with many A-list Hollywood celebrities joining the movement as their secret weapon in maintaining healthy and youthful skin.

The FaceGym (trademarked) facial exercise treatment is a revolutionary offering by Vitae, an aesthetic lifestyle brand, with Hollywood celebrity Fala Chen as its ambassador. Vitae positions itself as offering a range of comfortable, pain-free yet efficacious medical-grade aesthetic solutions. Catered especially toward the busy lifestyles of cosmopolitan women.

Fala Chen is Vitae brand ambassador. Photo: Vitae

Vitae is the first and only treatment centre in Hong Kong to offer facial exercise treatment. All it takes is one hour per month to reverse three years of skin ageing. FaceGym gives the visage a complete boost from the inside out, to reveal a youthful, and the desirable heart-shaped facial contour with a rosy complexion.

Fala Chen. Photo: Vitae

The way it works is to take aim at the 53 individual muscles on the face. The exercise targets the source of the problem by restoring muscle elasticity and support. Facial muscles start slacking as early as the age of 25, which leads to sagging cheeks and enlarged pores, resulting in an inverted heart shape.

Achieving the highly desirable heart-shaped facial contour (right) as opposed to the inverted heart shape (left) gained through the years. Photo: Vitae

Vitae’s FaceGym combines three medical-grade aesthetic devices that are FDA-cleared and clinically proven to target all three layers of the facial skin and muscles. FaceGym restores facial muscle support and rejuvenates collagen production by three times, resolving the eight most prominent skin problems.

  • Brightens the complexion 93%*
  • Locks in moisture 83%*
  • Smoothens lines and wrinkles 72%*
  • Lifts and tightens skin +88%^

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The brand is founded by Gigi Ma who is leaving a new footprint in Hong Kong’s beauty landscape.

Founder Gigi Ma offers a wellness beauty programme that takes back the years from the face with FaceGym treatment. Photo: Vitae
The flagship centre. Photo: Vitae

Vitae’s treatment centres are located at the Peninsula Office Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui, New World Tower in Central and Soundwill Plaza in Causeway Bay. All locations are thoughtfully designed for clients to retreat from their busy lifestyle and enjoy a moment of total relaxation whilst embarking on their journey of wellness beauty.

Exclusive skin rejuvenation offer

For a limited time only, Vitae is offering new customers the opportunity to experience the FaceGym Step 3 – OPT Skin Brightening Treatment in Vitae Central treatment centre for free**. A complete skin photorejuvenation solution that addresses the eight most prominent epidermal concerns, to bring about an immediately brightened complexion, and smoothly refined skin that glows.

To register, please visit the link here.

*Based on FaceGym post-treatment sensory evaluation of 102 female participants
^Independent Third-party Clinical Study Results, Conducted by Cutest Systems Ltd

**The offer is only applicable to first-time customers aged 18 or above who have never received any service from Vitae (including all brands of Miricor Enterprises).

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