Tatcha: Silk Serum for silky skin

Tatcha brings radiance from skin to soul with its four-step Classic Ritual and transformative Silk Serum

The story of Tatcha is also the story of its founder, Vicky Tsai, who healed her acute dermatitis using a classical beauty ritual she encountered on a visit to the historic city of Kyoto. After using a series of pure, natural formulas to transform her skin and regain balance from inside and out, Tsai joined forces with a team of scientists, geisha and cultural advisors to create Tatcha and share the same timeless ritual with beauty enthusiasts the world over.

Founded on the idea that less is more and that what is good for the body is good for the skin, The Classic Ritual is a pure yet potent four-step practice suitable for all skin types, day or night, for supple, radiant skin. It is rooted in effective yet gentle Japanese ingredients that helped Tsai find balance and to which Japanese women have long owed their health and longevity, including rice, green tea and seaweed.

The first step in The Classic Ritual is the Camellia Cleansing Oil, which is inspired by the centuries-old Japanese tradition of using tsubaki-abura (camellia oil) to cleanse the skin without stripping it dry. Tatcha’s formula, crafted by leading scientists at the Tatcha Institute in Tokyo, gently removes oil, dirt and even waterproof make-up. Formulated without mineral oil, the liquid emulsifies completely with no oily residue.

Next is The Rice Polish, a gentle, water-activated exfoliant that transforms to a creamy cloud-like foam that provides non-abrasive physical and enzymatic exfoliation thanks to Japanese rice bran and papaya extract. Komenuka, or rice bran, has long been a staple of Japanese beauty rituals. Reserving the leftover water from the first wash of rice, women would use the milky, nutrient-rich liquid to brighten, soften and polish the skin to reveal its natural lustre.

Once the skin is cleansed and polished, the next step is to return moisture to it in the form of 100% Hadasei-3, Tatcha’s proprietary complex of double-fermented rice, algae and green tea brimming with amino acids and AHAs like lactic acid, which are by-products of the fermentation process. The Essence is inspired by the Japanese tradition of pouring a bottle of sake into a steamy bath and soaking to absorb its amino acids, gently exfoliating the uppermost layers of skin.

Finally, The Silk Cream gives skin the look and feel of pure silk – soft, smooth and radiant. The weightless gel cream with liquid silk helps moisturise and visibly firm skin, just as the protective layer created by the silky liquid in which silk workers immerse their hands gives them seemingly ageless hands.

The Classic Ritual is just one example of Tsai’s quest for a more thoughtful and thorough approach to skincare. Her exploration of Japanese beauty philosophies also led to the creation of The Silk Serum, an easy-to-use, kind-to-skin serum that visibly firms, boosts radiance and supports collagen-depleted skin while hydrating and reducing redness. The potent retinol alternative provides the same smoothing benefits while adding moisture back into the skin and even soothing irritation. Unlike Vitamin A derivatives, which must be started slowly to build up tolerance, The Silk Serum is made to be used up to two times daily starting day one.

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