Contemporary with a whiff of tradition – check out Jo Malone’s new Huntsman collection

Jo Malone London has collaborated with renowned Savile Row tailor Huntsman for a special collection. Four scents, sharply dressed. A collection of refined fragrances tailored to the modern man (right in time for Father’s Day, anyone?)

With a history that stretches back over 167 years, Huntsman is a bespoke tailor of the highest tradition; making the most extraordinary clothes for discerning gentlemen and ladies.

Clothes maketh the man

A bespoke suit is cut for you and only you. When something fits you properly across the shoulders, around the collar and the neck, it gives you confidence and you’ll feel relaxed. Just like a bespoke fragrance pairing – all Jo Malone London Colognes are designed to be worn alone or combined for something uniquely yours. Instantly recognisable. Truly memorable.

Fragrance. Just as you create an outfit –a suit, a shirt, a waistcoat, and a tie – you can add scented sophistication as the final element to being properly dressed.

New Huntsman Collection

This exciting new collection consists of Whiskey and Cedarwood cologne, Amber and Patchouli cologne, Birch and Black Pepper cologne, and Assam and Grapefruit cologne. And are only available in selected Jo Malone London boutiques.

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1. Whiskey and Cedarwood cologne

Daring and intriguing define this particular fragrance. Fine whisky with spicy pimento and finished with warm cedarwood – a scent for the small hours.

2. Amber and Patchouli cologne

A sensual scent for decadent evenings, paired with deep, characterful patchouli. Infused with the smokiness of guaiacwood with a supple, suede-like finish.

3. Birch and Black Pepper cologne

Quintessential Britain with rebellious roots in punk. And yet with an enduring respect for tradition. It is a scent of contrasts that contains the cool spiciness of black peppers and cardamom on the one hand, and on the other a smoky birch.

4. Assam and Grapefruit cologne

A clear contrast with the previous three which contain a hint of seriousness. This fragrance in comparison retains a lively and full-bodied aroma; very much like a cup of tea in the morning. From the black tea note of Assam to the burst of citrus, this herbal scent is infused with spicy cardamom and the warmth of patchouli.

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