Penhaligon’s: Tap into the power of fragrant Potions & Remedies

A stroll into Penhaligon’s is always treat for the olfactory senses. It makes sense as the company’s mission is “entertaining the world’s nostrils with a dose of Britishness”

The British perfumer is here to do more of that with its latest fragrance pillar, aptly called Potions & Remedies. The line consists of five distinct scents, namely: Liquid Love, Balm of Calm, Eau The Audacity, A Kiss of Bliss, and Vra Vra Vroom.

Drawing on the legend of William Penhaligon and his laboratory, where he brewed potent potions of all manner from formulas forgotten till now by candlelight, each new fragrance comes in their own colour marked bottle in the practical designs of yore. After all, each scent has its own indications and has each been developed by a different perfumer.

With red as its bottle colour, Liquid Love showcases the fiery dalliance between pink pepper and ginger with rose and musk. Spicy yet floral, it is said to be useful for attracting love. Penhaligon’s dubs this “a distillation of desire to set hearts racing” and we couldn’t agree more. It seems like there is another way to the heart and that is through the nose.  

Balm of Calm does what it says on the tin. It soothes the soul and helps one to be at their composed best. It boasts key notes of lavender and sandalwood, both renowned for their relaxation inducing qualities. Floral notes of geranium and iris help sweeten this lullaby for the senses.

Eau the Audacity is said to be good for boosting confidence. Open the green labelled bottle and one will take in wafts of incense and vanilla. Orange blossom shocks with incense and collides with leathery vanilla to make one feel powerful and pleasing at the same time. Spritz this concoction liberally to discover an newly bold and audacious side of yourself!

Meanwhile, A Kiss of Bliss promises to make one feel good through keynotes of musk and lucky clover. It is formed by an intriguing combination of chypre musk, patchouli and green clover. This inventive mix comes in a pink bottle and has a nice musk base balanced with light floral feel in its head and heart notes.

Vra Vra Vroom is an apt name for this one. It combines energetic mandarin and kicks of bergamot for an instant pick-me-up with one simple splash of this fragrance. No matter what time of the day it is, vitality vapour infused with osmanthus absolute can perk one up and get things going with just a whiff.  

These collection of fragrances are practically bursting with botanical benefits and have the power to alter moods and change one’s state of mind. We are sure there is at least one of these fragrant concoctions (if not the entire collection) that one can benefit from.

Remember, a fragrance a day keeps the doctor away. So pick up one of the elixirs from the Potions & Remedies collection and find the cure to your qualms with their mesmerising natural powers. You are invited to try the fragrances by signing up for a sample.

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