Medicube’s Age-R brings spa luxury to your home

Experience a luxury spa treatment from the comfort of your home with Korea’s No. 1 skincare device, Age-R

“Let us focus on your skin, so you can focus on yourself.” This is the mission that drives South Korean derma-cosmetic skincare brand Medicube, which CEO Byunghoon Kim launched in 2014 to provide proven personal solutions for every skin concern. The worlwide leader in beauty innovation, which earlier this year established a new research and development centre, is committed to developing cutting-edge products that deliver the maximum effect in the safest way possible.

Medicube’s Age-R line of devices serves as a prime example. Fully designed and assembled in Korea, the five devices – EMS for lifting, ATS for pore tightening, Ussera for collagen boosting, Booster-H for a glow effect and I Shot for eye care – combine the knowledge of top aestheticians and skin scientists with the best technical know-how to deliver a safe and reliable clinical experience at home.

The first of the five devices to be released, Age-R Derma EMS Shot remains one of the brand’s bestsellers. By gently massaging and stimulating sub-dermal muscles using medium-frequency energy – the only energy that can stimulate sub-dermal muscles – it helps to improve facial contours, support skin elasticity and enhance the face’s overall appearance from the inside out.

The V-shaped roller device was created to mimic the effects of acupressure massage, a popular procedure in Korea to relieve tension, boost circulation, correct asymmetry and prevent signs of ageing. “It basically uses your pressure points to smooth the contours of your face and help define your facial structure,” Kim explained.

In fact, the 70° angle of the roller was specifically chosen to replicate the feeling of an aesthetician’s acupressure massage techniques. The ball shape was modelled after a human thumb to simulate the feeling of an acupressure massage, while the 4.51oz weight delivers an optimal amount of pressure along with the mid-frequency energy currents. Even the ridged texture was designed to effectively distribute gel to the skin and maintain comfortable contact.

The Age-R Derma EMS Shot comes with three mode settings: Slim, which stimulates facial skin and helps with slimming the face; Up, which stimulates the sub-dermal muscles to help improve elasticity; and Body, which helps the muscles to contract and relax to improve the appearance of the body’s contours. Its full range of uses means it can treat whole face and even the obliques, décolletage, calves and other body parts – with no salon appointment needed, which also saves time and money.

The device needs to be used for only 10 minutes a day for instant and visible improvement in V-face swelling as well as a cumulative slimming effect. In clinical tests, it improved sagging smile lines by 5%, sagging jawlines by 8%, deep smile lines by 9.1%, and sagging cheeks and eye areas by 10% after a single use. Results improved further after four weeks of use, up to 14% in the cheek area and 17% in the eye area. Just look to Kim for proof – the youthful-looking CEO, who draws frequent comparisons to K-Drama superstar Song Joong-ki, can often be seen using and promoting the Age-R Derma EMS Shot for his adoring fans on social media. After all, the company emphasises that “you only deserve what has been proven”.

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