#legendasks: How to create a 2022 summer beauty look?

As we enter May, the temperature in Hong Kong has steadily risen in announcement of the summer. With this in mind, #legend asks Peter Philips, Creative and Image director for Dior Makeup about the latest trendy summer look

1.  What are the top 2022 beauty trends for this summer?

Summer 2022 is all about makeup that looks effortless, shades and textures that blend into your natural skin tones. To achieve a great summer look, it’s key to make your skin look healthy and glowing. Once that’s done, it’s all about blending in browns, bronzes and golds into your skin. Around the eyes, on the cheeks,… To make your look exciting, it’s nice to add a pop of colour, like orange or cherry, on your lips and/or nails. 

2.  What are your go-to beauty tips for creating an effortless summer look?

The best way to make your makeup look effortless is to build up your makeup in thin layers, to make sure that the focus is on light rather than on shadow and that the shades are harmonious. 

Dior Dioriviera, 2022 Summer Collection. Photo: Dior

3.  How does one choose a colour palette that works best for their type of skin tone, especially for Asian skin tones?

The choice of colour palettes is very personal and depends on a few factors. First of all, you have to find what’s best for your skin tone, and also depends if you want to enhance your natural skin tone or if you want to correct your natural skin tone. This choice might also be influenced by the colour of your hair, natural or dyed, the colour of your eyes (natural or colour correcting lenses), etc… Once you have found your ideal skin, your personal style will help define the palettes you need to use. A natural look, a sophisticated look, a bold look, a sexy look, a playful look,…, all these looks will direct you to specific makeup products. The easiest is to go for natural shades, in a range from beiges to browns, with nuances of gold and bronze. These shades will allow you to do any look you want, the intensity and shapes of your application will define each one’s individual look. 

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4.  Go bold or go natural?

Go both! Go natural, to show off the best of yourself! And then sometimes go bold, to have fun for yourself and to surprise others!

5.  What is a fail-safe product you would swear by?

It’s always tricky to mention one single product because a makeup look is always composed of more than one product. But if you really want only one, I would say that the Dior Forever Cushion is a very good, easy to use product that won’t disappoint you. This summer, it comes in a fabulous customised packaging, which makes it also a great fashion accessory that will complete your collection of makeup products. 

6.  What other skincare or beauty tips can you impart to get ready for the summer months?

Another must-have product, that’s extremely caring and gives a beautiful makeup result, is our Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil. This is a true must-have product, whenever I use it on an actress or model, they just want to keep it!

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