Helena Rubinstein: Wake up rejuvenated

Helena Rubinstein’s innovative Replasty Age Recovery Night instantly plumps, smooths and restores skin, making it the No. 1 prestige anti-ageing cream in Hong Kong

It’s likely that most of us have never heard of Laclinic-Montreux, the ultra-exclusive clinic nestled in the Swiss Alps that provides an elite international clientele of VIP patients with the very latest advances in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic procedures. But plenty of Hong Kong women are benefiting from its scientists’ anti- ageing expertise thanks to Replasty Age Recovery Night, the No. 1 prestige anti-ageing cream in Hong Kong, which is produced by leading luxury skincare brand Helena Rubinstein in partnership with the Swiss clinic.

Designed to answer the needs of women seeking to reproduce anti-ageing effects via cosmetic solutions without undergoing clinical interventions, Replasty Age Recovery Night is the culmination of 10 years of research and 200 trials in the Helena Rubinstein Laboratories. Its key ingredient, Pro-Xylane, is a patented recovery molecule developed by L’Oréal Advanced Research Laboratories in 2003 following a significant advance in understanding the skin involving 70 experts and being the subject of 12 scientific publications.

Pro-Xylane acts on three different levels: it accelerates skin recovery, boosts skin firmness and plump, and reinforces suppleness and elasticity. Replasty Age Recovery Night, with the highest possible concentration of the powerful anti- ageing activator of 30%, is formulated to maximise Pro-Xylane’s bioavailability so that it penetrates better in the skin for optimal effectiveness. The product derives its nickname “The Black Bandage” from its ability to instantly target ageing scars, whether visible (wrinkles, roughness and uneven complexion), structural (loss of firmness, sagginess and tonicity break) or non-visible (dryness, tugging sensation, weakened skin).

Replasty Age Recovery Night’s patented formula is not only calibrated to offer the most advanced and efficient cosmetic intervention, but it also offers a luxurious sensory experience. Its “bandage-like” texture is a creamy balm that envelops the skin in a soothing veil of comfort before transforming into a velvety and featherweight cream for an unrivalled skin assimilation. Night after night, Replasty Age Recovery Night recovers the skin and intensely reduces signs of ageing.

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