#beauty: The newest fragrance-centric products for autumn 2023

With the transition of seasons and the drop in temperature, we are all for a change in senses. What better way to do so than through scented means? Here are four fragrance-focused products that’ll put you right in the mood for Autumn 2023

M19Minus – 000 Monster Beads

This fragrance apothecary brings us the first-ever artisan-handcrafted scented beads for deep cleansing, makeup removal and skin nourishment held in a beautiful rose-red flask. Called 000 Monster Beads, they contain the novel formula of “Oil-in-Powder” that with a little water activates a foamy texture to help you achieve that ‘diamond glow’. This three-in-one beauty product features diamond powder, pearl powder, rainbow plant and jojoba oil and comes in a clean Green Fig aroma. #legend loves the Monster Beads for their simplicity and the ease of carrying them around with you on your travels.

Aesop – Ouranon

Celebrating the final chapter in Aesop’s story of Othertopias (a collection of six fragrances inspired by places that transcend our immediate perception), the Ouranon Eau de Parfum has finally reached us. As with all Aesop products, nature is always centre-stage. In this instance, Ouranon is lit by unfurling embers of which the aroma is tightly embraced by frankincense and myrrh. #legend loves a good ending to an exciting journey, and with Ouranon we are treated once again to an olfactory experience of calm and introspection.

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Chanel – An exploration

Chanel recently hosted a Parfumeur Masterclass in Causeway Bay and it attracted a flurry of celebrities and influencers such as Hins Cheung, Chris Tong and Justine Li to its midst. Upon entering the ground floor space that is just across from Causeway Bay MTR station exit F, visitors are treated to a presentation of some of Chanel Beauty’s most iconic fragrances. The masterclass to initiate this space was held on the first floor where all Chanel fragrances are on display. The space is now open for visitations – why not drop by and take in all the elegant scents of this much-loved French iconic brand and be inspired by its fragrances?

Dolce & Gabbana – Light Blue Summer Vibes

The latest in a lineup of Dolce & Gabbana’s limited perfumes that arouses the imagery of the Mediterranean. The collection is set to remind you of a couple’s intimate moment with the backdrop of a lemon-scented Sicilian summer. If you are not ready to leave the summer days behind, this is a fragrance to slowly and steadily bridge you over to the next season.

Byredo – Rouge Chaotique

The first oud gourmand fragrance in Byredo’s Night Veils collection, Rouge Chaotique takes personal inspiration from Ben Gorham’s belief that accepting the chaos within any creative process can result in singular forms of expression. ​”I think there is something about night-time, it’s a different world of possibilities; a different version of who you are, a nocturnal sense of duality,” says Ben Gorham, creative director and founder of Byredo. ​

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