Tudor blue is a modern twist on classic horology

Photo: Tudor

Bridging the gap between its long-standing tradition and the future, the Tudor collection puts a modern twist on classic horology.

Featuring the brand’s signature designs in Tudor blue- the vibrant hues celebrate the Swiss watchmaker’s strong connection to water and its history of providing timepieces to navies worldwide.

Photo: Tudor

In the 1950s, Tudor named a collection of emblematic models ‘Royal’, a nod to the quality of their watches being fit for nobility. The ‘blue blood’ of the characteristic crenelated bezel became a permanent feature of the collection that is now implemented in the reimagined Royal line, one of which features a distinct bright blue, satin-finished dial. The Royal model is synonymous with the brand’s creativity, while remaining accessible. 

Tudor Pelagos 

Photo: Tudor

Speaking of royalty, the Pelagos in Tudor blue is the worthy heir to the original Tudor navy diving watches. A patented titanium clasp and bracelet brings cutting edge technology to the classic technical diving watches. Automatically adjusting to differing wetsuit thicknesses upon descent and ascent, this strap is a beautiful iteration of modern mechanics. 

Tudor Black Bay 32

Photo: Tudor

Waterproof to 150 metres, the vibrant electric blue of the lacquered dial on the Tudor Black Bay 32 is encased in steel with alternating polished and satin finishes. Don’t let the petite diameter of the watch fool you, hiding beneath it is a self-winding mechanical movement making the Tudor Black Bay 32 highly legible, perfect for women looking to explore the deep.  

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 

Photo: Tudor

Other models in the Tudor collection include the Black Bay Fifty-Eight in navy blue and the Heritage Chrono Blue. The 39 millimeter diameter of the Black Bay Fifty-Eight, with the infamous “M.N.” inscription, transports you back in time and is ideal for vintage lovers. 

Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue

tudor blue heritage chrono
Photo: Tudor

The Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue breathes new life into Tudor’s motorsport heritage, sport-chic immortalised. Nicknamed the ‘Monte-Carlo’ in collectors’ circles, the dial is reminiscent of Monaco’s roulette wheels, with accents of blue and orange bringing a fresh, holiday feel to the face. 

Made for all lifestyles, always understated yet elegant, the Tudor collection make having the blues not such a bad thing after all.

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