The inspiration behind Royan Jade’s Roulette collection

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At a time of unpredictability in the past year, Royan Jade‘s collection of unconventional jewellery pieces remind us to appreciate the beauty all around us, especially in challenging times.

2020 was a year like no other, bringing with it hardships as well as new revelations and pearls of wisdom for the next. With the Royan Jade Roulette Collection, we are prompted to look ahead with faith and take on uncertainties with a new state of mind. 

Every Royan Jade collection has a meaning behind it and this year, we celebrate the story of chance and choice. The collection reminds us that everyone is capable of paving their paths through the actions we take and the choices we make. The unique jadeite jewelry collection encapsulates the modern idea of prestige, wisdom, and beauty of the modern woman. It is a reminder to liberate ourselves, to indulge in the pleasures of life when we can, and to take a gamble on the opportunities life throws at us. 

Founder and head designer Linda Lam incorporates this philosophy of gambling through these enigmatic pieces. Inspired by elements of the roulette wheel, she’s incorporated an element of fun to her prestigious gem jewelry.  Crafted with rare jadeite and purple gold, these minimalist pieces are a small yet alluring addition to your collection of accessories. 

Photo: Royan Jade

Royan Jade’s Roulette earrings are made with 18k gold and stunning purple jadeite. With their perfectly symmetric design that mimics the game of roulette, the earrings represent how life itself is similar to a game. Adorned with unevenly spaced golden lines and glittering purple jadeite, the popular casino game is transformed into a wearable luxury jewel. 

Photo: Royan Jade

The Roulette Bangle is another highlighted piece made with 18k gold and purple gold, with sapphires setting the rim of the Jadeite sphere. With its simplistic design and focus on minimalism, this roulette wheel bangle is a ground-breaking statement piece that brings attention to the raw and natural beauty of the gem. 

Photo: Royan Jade

This pair of Royan Jade Roulette earrings take on a more expansive form, leaving the rotor empty. The jadeite gem hangs by a dainty chain of gold, surrounded by reflective rainbow sapphires in a perfect circle. 

Royan Jade is the embodiment of poetry in physical form, with each piece acting as a transformative artwork to complement each day that passes us by.  Any one of these exquisite pieces is an indulgent desire yet to be fulfilled, so be sure to make Royan Jade a part of your most prized possessions.

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