Qeelin’s new men’s collection is perfect for Father’s Day

Founded in 2004, Qeelin has established itself as one the most unique fine jewellery brands over the globe. Featuring Chinese cultural elements, Qeelin offers fine jewellery in a modern style while referencing Chinese heritage.

Photo: Qeelin

For Father’s Day, Qeelin is introducing a new men’s collection for all the dads with their new men’s collection. The new men’s collection is inspired by its iconic collections, Wulu, Xi Xi and Roobot. Among all the items, Wulu has been the most quintessential item from Qeelin, which originated from the hulu, a traditional Chinese gourd symbolising myths and hopes. It also infers the meaning of affluence with its shape similar to the number ‘8’, as eight symbolises wealth and affluence in Chinese.

This iconic design could also be seen in their latest men’s collection. From bangle to ring and brooch, the new collection presents a vast array of new items for the modern gentleman. The Wulu bangle, the item with one the most iconic Qeelin original designs – Wulu, comes with a total of five variations with different details.

With plenty of styles to choose from, every single item demonstrates exquisite craftsmanship of Qeelin with the uniqueness of imparting ancient China aesthetics while presenting in modern style. The mix and match of different materials and design details come together, forming a vanguard design that is perfectly sophisticated. It perfectly matches with Qeelin’s concept of blending modern fine jewellery with ancient Chinese cultural elements, blazing new trails while not neglecting traditional elements.

If you are thinking about what to give your father on Father’s Day, why not gift him Qeelin’s new men’s collection?

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