Qeelin: Harbour City boutique Grand Opening with Liu Shishi

In a sweeping celebration of East and West, the renowned fine jeweller, Qeelin, has unveiled its newly refurbished boutique in the heart of Hong Kong’s Harbour City shopping complex

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, attended by Qeelin’s global brand ambassador Liu Shishi, CEO Christophe Artaux, and founder and creative director Dennis Chan, marked the culmination of a meticulous redesign that seamlessly blends the brand’s distinctive aesthetic with a sense of wonder and cultural heritage.

Situated on the second floor of the Gateway Arcade, the expanded Qeelin boutique now boasts a glamorously upgraded fine jewellery showcase and an exclusive VIP area. The striking red and black facade immediately catches the eye of passersby, hinting at the captivating experience that awaits within.

“Qeelin has masterfully crafted its own unique aesthetic, one that effortlessly bridges the divide between Eastern and Western influences,” said Artaux. “This newly refreshed boutique invites visitors to immerse themselves in a world of whimsy and wonder.”

Upon entering the space, visitors are greeted by a meticulously designed interior that pays homage to ancient Chinese beliefs and symbols. Delicate Wulu screens, intricately carved to represent blessings and prosperity, infuse the surroundings with a sense of grace and depth.

Circular display cases and a domed ceiling create a harmonious ambience, drawing inspiration from the belief that “Heaven is round and Earth is square”, which represents harmony and balance in the universe.

Qeelin’s Fine Jewellery room

Qeelin’s expanded boutique now also features an upgraded fine jewellery showcase and an exclusive VIP area – the abode of its exquisite Fine Jewellery collections. The space with its white marble countertops is the perfect backdrop to the brand’s Bamboo collection and the ethereal Wulu Fairy and Qin Qin collections. The eye-catching display brings artisanship to life and provides a seamless backdrop to each fine jewellery line.

The fine jewellery showcase, nestled behind sparkling counters, offers a glimpse into Qeelin’s abundant creativity. From the timeless Wulu to the alluring Yu Yi and the playful BoBo, each creation breathes new life into ancient blessings and legends.

“Qeelin’s jewellers are true artisans, bringing dreams to life and infusing each creation with the auspicious metaphysics of the East,” remarked Liu, the brand’s global ambassador, as she radiated an ethereal aura while adorned in pieces from the Qin Qin fine jewellery collection.

The boutique’s VIP salon, a sanctuary of sophistication and refinement, offers an unparalleled and personalized experience. A mesmerising display of Qeelin’s extraordinary treasures, set against a backdrop of Chinese garden-style window displays and a curated selection of art books, promises to captivate and delight the brand’s esteemed guests.

As the Harbour City boutique opens its doors to the public, Qeelin invites all to step into a realm where modernity and Eastern heritage converge, creating a truly enchanting and awe-inspiring experience.

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