Pomellato: Colourful Nudo collection celebrates 20 years of brilliance

Pomellato celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Nudo collection, a colourful Milanese icon

What began as a ring two decades ago has evolved to become a collection of beautiful jewels characterised by its cushion cut gem. Tapping into the vibrant colours of garnets, aquamarine, peridot, iolite and red tourmaline, Pomellato’s Nudo ring design was truly innovative and ahead of its time; pieces are meant to be worn in stacks and mixed and matched.

This unique take on the traditional diamond ring has evolved over the years. The gems take on a faceted cabochon shape, an innovative take on stone-cutting that gives the Nudo design a distinctive and timeless look. 

Each of the 57 faces that are found on a Nudo cut stone is painstakingly cut by hand by artisans at Pomellato’s atelier in Milan. A single stone can take as many as four days to cut and polish. No attention to detail is spared to ensure the irregular facets come together harmoniously. 

Gems in this collection are set using a concealed fixing system, which gives the allusion to a floating design. Set in a combination of white, yellow and rose gold, the innovative setting technique further enhances the depth of the design. 

Pomellato has built on the design of the collection over the years. The Nudo Chocolate and the new Nudo Bracelet collections are the latest interpretation of the Nudo cut that celebrates the two-decade legacy of Pomellato’s classic design. The range now includes diamond pave expressions and has expanded to include pendants, bracelets and earrings, among other designs. 

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