Hearts On Fire: Add sparkle to someone’s life with these gifts

Hearts On Fire has a selection of jewellery that will bring anyone and everyone joy this holiday season. The Vela Holiday campaign encourages customers to indulge themselves or others with a sparkly gift this holiday season

For those you love

Hearts On Fire’s diamond jewellery make for a wonderful symbol of everlasting love between two. Some lovely selections include the Aerial Double Dewdrop Ring, Vela Crossover Pendant, Vela Halo Ring with Diamond Band, Aerial Marquise Wrap Earrings, and Vela Crossover Bangle.

For someone stylish

If you are shopping for a fashion-forward person, Hearts On Fire’s contemporary pieces are stylish on their own and be adapted to any style. This includes the Vela Drop Earrings, Lorelei Diamond Criss Cross Ring, and Aerial Sunburst Earring Studs.

For someone you want to share a special moment with

Make this holiday season one to remember forever with the gift of a statement-making design. The selections that are perfect for this purpose would be the Vela Twisted Drop Earrings, Vela Triple Row Pavé Ring, Vela French Cut Pavé Bangle, and Vela Crossover Pavé Necklace.

For tradition

Whether it’s gift-giving or making a commitment, highlights jewelries that carry symbolic meaning, including Vela Crossover Bracelet, Vela Solitaire Ring, Lorelei Floral Diamond Bangle, Aerial Dewdrop Pendant and Illa Cosmic Diamond Necklace.

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