Gucci High Jewellery presents a 2024 Italian garden chic collection

Gucci High Jewellery brings a flourishing Italian garden to life with its latest 140-piece new Labirinti collection

Refined balance and symmetry, guided by exquisite coloured gemstones stand centre stage in Gucci’s latest High Jewellery collection: the Labirinti.

Labirinti Gucci, named after the Italian word for “labyrinths”, centres around three themes: symmetry and ordered beauty, geometric splendour, and blooming nature. An amble through evergreen pathways and symmetric spaces leads to unexpected elements where – instead of water fountains and colourful flowerbeds – new High Jewellery elements illuminate the collection: a dragonfly and a new interpretation of the House’s G motif, shining in pavé diamonds. The collection features 140 one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Symmetry and order

Giardini all’italiana (Italian-style gardens) have long captured the essence of beauty through a balanced sense of harmony and clarity of design, which Labirinti Gucci channels through the purity of gemstones. A statement cuff features a 5.93ct Colombian emerald with an intense green hue and hallmark “jardin” (garden) inclusions, as five fancy diamonds add to the stone’s allure. They adorn a linear pattern of pavé diamonds that subtly evokes the House’s G signature.

Also embracing harmonious symmetries is a necklace centered around an exquisite 56.37ct oval-cut green tourmaline, its strong saturation yet nuanced tones enhanced by a sprinkling of 11 additional tourmalines, sparkling in a range of complementary hues.

Symmetry takes a twist in Labirinti Gucci via a brilliant necklace juxtaposing a floral bloom with a linear chain featuring a discreet G logo. The jewel dangles with a 28.07ct spinel, complemented with dainty tourmaline rubellite beads and graceful pear-cut tsavorites.

Geometric Splendor

Geometric beauty is a cornerstone of Labirinti Gucci. The romance of floral geometry is captured in sumptuous necklaces, like a creation that colour matches a 53.25ct lagoon tourmaline with a mesmerising Ethiopian opal of 19.68ct, all framed by brilliant mandarin garnets and opals in a strong and linear, diamond-set design.

Blooming Nature

A labyrinth of love and adventure that evokes a kaleidoscope of emotions, Labirinti Gucci welcomes a new motif from the animal world. The dragonfly with its graceful beauty, harmony, peace, and balance finds expression in a series of bejewelled brooches sparkling with luminous colour. A cool, warm design of tanzanites, Paraiba tourmalines, and white diamonds sits alongside verdant emeralds, white and fancy diamonds. Alighting on the House as a symbol of rebirth and freedom, the dragonfly also features mismatched earrings crafted in pink spinels, emeralds, and white diamonds.

The featured pieces are but a selection in the exquisite array of high jewellery collections the house of Gucci has launched this year. Once again, it demonstrates the intrinsic knowledge of the Italian fashion and jewellery house in refined craftsmanship and bespoke designs.

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