Chow Tai Fook: Valentine’s Day collection symbolises unwavering devotion

This Valentine’s season, premium jeweller Chow Tai Fook unravels the beauty of love between couples in a stunning collection: the “Echo of Love” Collection

Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, premium jewellery group Chow Tai Fook shows us expressions of love through sensational natural diamonds. With dazzling designs, the brand brings us the “Echo of Love” Collection which was crafted to honour the unwavering devotion between lovers with the rare and unrivalled splendour of natural diamonds.

“Echo of Love” Collection: the allure of unique details

The exquisite pieces in this collection embody the lifelong romantic commitment two individuals can make for each other, with a vision of a shared hope for a bright future. Each piece features a four heart-shaped prong setting and sleek lines.

They are crafted to reveal the maximum refraction of light and therefore fully show the value of T MARK diamonds – these are made with a patented technology belonging to Chow Tai Fook. A gift to your significant other from the “Echo of Love” Collection is a gesture of enduring devotion.

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