Cartier releases “How Far Would You Go For Love” short films

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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Cartier’s LOVE collection is worn by couples alike as an outward display of innermost passion and unconditional love. From 1969 till now, Cartier makes a timeless tribute to love through the decades. 

This year, Cartier invited two celebrity couples to share their most intimate moments next to their other halves. Louise Wong and her newly wedded husband Sheldon along with Jeffery Ngai and his girlfriend Evelyn reflect on their respective relationships in two short films, titled “How Far Would You Go For Love?” 

Jeffery Ngai and his girlfriend Evelyn share their memorable first Valentine’s day, an over-the-top display of affection that left Evelyn feeling flustered. Jeffrey says half-jokingly that he ought to stop playing all his cards early on, or else it might overshadow the proposal. 

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Louise Wong and her husband Sheldon married last October in a modest ceremony after five joyous years together. Their bond is as strong as ever, apparent in the way the newlyweds look at each other. 

Louise Wong recalls the exact moment she realised that she truly loved her partner. It was through a life-changing accident where she was confronted with the horrible thought of losing her best-friend in life and in love.

“We were in a car accident a few years ago,” she says. “That moment, seeing that he wasn’t able to move from the impact, I was terrified of losing him. I’d rather be the one who was hurt.”

It was that moment that Louise realised she valued him more than anything, more than herself. In that painful moment, her true love was realised in the form of unconditional giving. Sheldon looks at her knowingly and takes her hand in reassurance. 

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The iconic Cartier LOVE bracelet has become a staple piece in representing love in all its forms. Designed in New York by Aldo Cipullo in 1969, it modernised the bond of love with its wrist-hugging shape and classical screws punctuated along the surface. The screws symbolise the tight fastened seal over your relationship within an infinite circle of love. To complement the Cartier LOVE bracelet, the collection also features the LOVE necklace, earrings, and ring. 

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