5 jewellery picks to welcome the Year of the Dragon

Marvellous pieces of jewellery to usher in an era of prosperity this Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year heralds a time for family reunions, fireworks, and homes adorned in joyful red hues. But amid the festive excitement, the glint of precious stones and the soft allure of fine jewellery, each piece resonating with unique meanings and aspirations for the year ahead.

To celebrate, many adorn their homes with red, ignite the night with firecrackers, and adorn themselves with the most luxurious jewellery. This timeless tradition to usher in good fortune and repel negativity has evolved into a radiant showcase of individual expression. Today, #legend picks five extraordinary pieces of jewellery from five brands that make for stunning additions to your Lunar New Year wardrobe.

Van Cleef & Arpels

Vintage Alhambra Long Necklace with 20 motifs by Van Cleef & Arpels

The Vintage Alhambra Long Necklace with 20 motifs from Van Cleef & Arpels stands out as one of the finest options. Crafted with precision, it features the Carnelian, a captivating red gem harmoniously paired with 18k rose gold. Meticulously designed, this necklace not only showcases the beauty of the Carnelian but also pays homage to the iconic model from 1968 with sophistication, class, and a seamless sense of uniqueness. Wearing this luxurious necklace ensures you stand out this Lunar New Year.

Tiffany & Co

Lynn Earrings by Tiffany & Co

This stunning pair of earrings from the iconic American brand, Tiffany & Co., was designed under the discerning eye of French jeweller Jean Schlumberger. The Lynn Earrings are the perfect earrings for Lunar New Year celebrations with its harmonious blend of 18k gold and vibrant red rubies. These remarkable pieces of jewellery are a compelling choice to enhance your look with a touch of elegance, especially during the festive season of the Year of the Dragon.


Bulgari Bulgari Bracelet by Bulgari

The Bulgari Bulgari Braceletone is a particularly captivating piece, both in terms of aesthetics and symbolism. Employing a double-faced design and showcasing mother of pearl and carnelian gemstones, it conveys messages of purity and prosperity. Enhanced by symbols of wealth in 18k rose gold, this intricately woven bracelet exudes richness and history. It’s one fitting accessory for prosperity long associated with the Lunar New Year festival.


Clash De Cartier Bracelet Medium Model by Cartier

While it may not feature a distinct Lunar New Year motif like some others, the Clash De Cartier Bracelet Medium Model epitomises quiet luxury and modern aesthetics. Beyond being a significant piece that tells a tale of understated luxury, the bracelet’s pure gold material also communicates an identity of affluence and success. It is the perfect choice for those who want the celebrate the season with understated luxury essence.


Happy Hearts Flowers by Chopard

The exquisite 18k rose gold ring, artfully crafted in the shape of hearts flowers, stands as an enduring icon of the brand’s design prowess. Beyond catching the eye with its heart-shaped leaf design adorned with red gemstones, the central part of the ring is elegantly embellished with diamonds totalling 0.05 carats. This intricately detailed and tasteful piece of jewellery is not only suitable for the Lunar New Year festival, but it is also versatile enough to be mixed and matched with various outfits for different looks and occasions.

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